Friday, June 22, 2007

Salt Lake City's Big Week O' Muzak.

Salt Lake City gets the shaft on good touring bands all too often. For whatever the reason, it seems like musicians actually go out of their way to skip Utah altogether rather than stopping in, checking the scene and playing to whatever fans come out to worship them and sing along. I've accepted this as a reality of sorts. I don't complain about it ... much. I see who I can see when they pass through and, if I need to head elsewhere to see them do their thing, I'm all about cheap plane tickets and road trips. I ain't much opposed to either. It also makes me extra supportive of the bands who do mosey through this one-horse town. It's the very reason I will be seeing a concert Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week. Observe. (And you're welcome to come along for any or all of it. Come 'n say howdy.)

Monday, June 25th
FALL OUT BOY @ the E Center. This is the one I'm most embarrassed to see, but don't tell my little brother that. When they stumbled on to the scene, I made fun of him for liking them. Then a second album came out. Then I caught that amazingly ketchy "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" on the teevee. It became my phone's ring tone. I bought the album not long after that. Seeing them live was the next natural step, you see? I even bought my brother's ticket for him, assuring I'd have someone to rock out to this stuff with. Those my age make fun of me, but I'm going anyway. That's all there is to it.
Fall Out Boy -- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (The Lindbergh Palace Remix)

Tuesday, June 26th
GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS @ Kilby. Local greats Libbie Linton & Paul Jacobsen are opening. I am most excited for this show. I've followed this Canadian band since some promo copy of their debut landed in my lap. Rarely do the mournful finger-plucking sad-sack songs resonate so well. I may have to take a pillow with me in case they lullaby me right into submission, but I'm entirely OK with that. Don't miss this if you can help it. Jessica dropped me a line after seeing them in L.A. and she says they're toadally worth seeing.
Great Lake Swimmers - Your Rocky Spine

Wednesday, June 27th DAN DEACON @ Urban Lounge. Okay, this guy is absolutely nuts, I'm not going to lie. I mean, look at that photo, right? Says it all. He's this bald, beardy guy with oversized glasses who just brings the house down night after night after night. It's a dance party, plain and simple. Best part about this one? I get to be part of the show. Yup. He's having an 8 person choir at each stop help him out on "Wham City". I talked Chris into it and now we both get to be part of the action, up on stage and wearing blue and yellow robes, even. It will be absolutely insane. I'm counting on that.
Dan Deacon - Wham City

Thursday, June 28th SHEARWATER @ Kilby. I haven't done my homework on these guys. If you want to read about them in depth, I'd advise you go here and school yourselves, however. I can let on that there are two band members from Okkervil River in it and that they've never, ever released something I haven't thoroughly enjoyed, so I'm in full favor of supporting them. Maybe it'll make'em want to come back on a regular basis, sorta like Howard Jones or 311 do. You so know what I'm talking about.
Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea

Friday, June 29th
@ (you guessed it!) Kilby. The Mollies are set to open. This is a pleasant way to end my week. Again, alot of the pluckety-pluck-plucking going on. Perty vocals, married with some banjo. It'll go down real nice. And the local yokel Mollies will be there, who have all the ability in the world to drain any stress I'm harboring in my body and send it far, far away. Plus, well, they're cute and they're my friends and you should all love them, m'kay?
Horse Feathers - Hardwood Pews
The Mollies - Roundabout


Sarita said...

I'm already planning on The Great Lake Swimmers but may just have to throw in an extra show for good measure.

sugarcube said...

There's some good hip-hop on Thursday at that venue place.
Sage Francis
7:00 p tothe m.

aisy said...

seeing you on stage might be draw enough to drive up to good ol' slc. can you buy tix at the door?

Dainon said...

And here I was thinking you'd support the Canadians. You think you know a person ...