Saturday, June 23, 2007


**My camera is still in San Diego. No matter how many times I say, "Lassie, come home!" it remains there, wanting to be here. I may never take photos again.
**Rio Bravo is a good Western. Dean Martin plays a very believable drunk, Ricky Nelson gets to sing with his trademark half-closed eyes and Sheriff John Wayne hooks it up with a 22-year-old girl. Not to mention he looks 65. Guess the ladies dig a guy with authority. As for Stumpy? It was hard not to laugh every time he spoke. Go watch it. Highly entertaining.
**The Arts Festival is good this year. I recommend the Pad Thai and the waffle cones with pint-sized ice cream scoops on top. Not pint-sized as in small, either. As in an entire pint of ice cream. Get the brownies flavor. And, oh yeah, there was an amazing high school jazz band playing there. Best in the friggin nation, according to Downbeat. I believe them. Lots of art, lots of tattoos, lots of people watching. I even managed to get in for free. Life is beautiful.
**The pool party was a success. We had the best turnout ever. I did some cannonballs and turned my stomach pink in the sunshine. Swimming is always more fun in a group of many. Especially when you have 10 people jump in the same time you do. Talk about your tidal waves. Awesome.
**Ran 8 miles today, the longest distance I've ever run outside. It was surprisingly easy. It has also made me surprisingly tired. I think I need to end this before my eyes shut. And so it goes.

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