Friday, July 20, 2007

Believe you me.

DO enjoy air conditioning and afternoon rainstorms in Mexico City, with or without an umbrella in tow.
DON’T forget it is smack dab in the middle of rainy season there presently, automatically assuming it is shorts-and-sandals weather year-round. Do so and shiver.

DO marvel at how often people talk to you so casually in Spanish, no matter how blue your eyes are.
DON’T try to answer them in their native tongue, lest you sound come off like a buffoon for their amusement.

DO take advantage of every opportunity given you to inhale an authentic taco or enchilada or big fat quesadilla or whatever, really. Cast fate to wind. You only live once!
DON’T do it for two days straight, though ... one day before you plan to run a 13-mile race that you’ve trained for for the past three months. The chocolate milkshake will come back to haunt you on mile 8.

DON’T have any misconceptions about your owning a stomach of stone. You don’t.
And, whatever you do, DON’T get the craps. It doesn’t blend well with jet lag. Trust me on this.

DO manage to get back early enough to see Yo La Tengo deliver a show created to blow the collective minds of Salt Lake to bits (which it does, too … repeatedly).
DO dance with reckless abandon to “Sugarcube” and “Mr. Tough,” no matter how hard your friends laugh at you. They will all join in eventually.
DO stick around long enough to see Ira sign Ram’s blanket.
DO read Matt's take on the entire evening (HERE) if you know what's good for you.
DON’T walk a large portion of the way to Gallivan in your bare feet, no matter how good an idea it seems in the summertime. It tears up your feets something fierce.

DO tell everyone when your birthday is this year, not for presents, but for the party.
DO plan the most casual “party” in this world, an all-day affair that involves hiking, swimming and the Drive-In, in that order. You are creating the perfect summer day.
DON’T care terribly about who shows and who doesn’t. It will be an annual cause for celebration all the same. 33 comes just once.
DON’T be a recluse on your Day. That’s what last year was for.

DO get some sleep already.
stop believing.


thefish said...

"DON’T have any misconceptions about your owning a stomach of stone. You don’t.
And, whatever you do, DON’T get the craps. It doesn’t blend well with jet lag. Trust me on this."

Oh my, I laughed at this one! Sorry but I did.

I would add...

DON'T think you will avoid the craps if you only drink bottled water, hotel water(the nice ones who are supposed to have good water like Marriot), and think because you are only drinking bottled water you eat a salad on a fishing boat that happened to be rinsed in local water. Ya', you'll get the craps. Even after all the precautions. I just think it's inevitable. I would love to meet someone who hasn't gotten the craps, and ask "How did you manage that?"

Sherpa said...

One of my close friends has a job where she travels all over the world......with the current administration. When we went to Peru, she didn't take the precautions I did and I think thought I was being a wimp when I talked a little about traveler's diarrhea. Well, she was fine and of course I got sick our last day there. Grr..

Actually Dainon, you could pass as an Argentine or even Venezuelan. ;)

Price said...

It's not about having a stomach of stone. It's all about the colon.

I too was happy about Yo la Tengo. Excellent time.

Ironically, you didn't tell everyone when your birthday is. You just told yourself to do so.

Dainon said...

Oh, I have ... elsewhere.

I'm a Pioneer baby. The 24th. They have parades in honor of my day.

The Carrie Collection said...

DO remember that your work gave out bonuses today. Not too shabby I might add. Enough to buy you a semi cool Bday present.

ewesa said...

oh no! mile 8 sounds terrible! did you do the run already, and survive? speak to us! (again)

Dainon said...

I run the race exactly ... 9 hours from now. Pray for me.

Jules said...

Yay for Pioneer Babies! That's my birthday too. Good luck on your run, and thanks for the bday party advice.

ewesa said...

umm... are you alive? I'm supposing so, since blog posts don't post themselves.