Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm in the USA Today ... today.

You wanna see my smiling mug? Well, okay.



Price said...

Sweet. That's my sister's favorite blog.

I also listened to your show last night. Pretty good. Where'd you find that awesome Iron & Wine song?

Dainon said...

I will never reveal my sources.

Okay, so Katie gave it to me. That whole album, yes. Just don't tell anybody else.

Julia said...

Hey, I know you barely know me, but I'm so happy you are famous in popcandy!! (I'm Price's sis) :)

Dainon said...

And I'm happy that you're so happy. Fer real.

... said...

But, Dainon... your mug isn't smiling in that picture.

(Congrats, by the way.)

Dainon said...

It's smiling. On the inside.