Monday, July 23, 2007

Insane in the Membrane.

I must be a crazy person.

I'm still incredibly sore, though the stooped hobble isn't nearly as bad as it was yesterday. I got out of bed this morning with calve muscles so tight, I lost my balance and fell right back in bed. And, yet ... I'm already seriously considering this.

San Francisco Half Marathon

How can you pass that one up, right? You get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge! My sis vowed not five minutes ago to be my new training partner. Works for me.

I will stop talking about running. I promise. Just give me some time.


Anne said...

I'm convinced that running makes otherwise sane people make really crazy decisions. Do it!!

bestsariah said...

You're obsessed!

k8 said...

eh, you can run across that bridge any old time. It's fun in fact but i ran a half marathon in SF last fall and that city has WAY TOO MANY DAMN HILLS!

Sherpa said...

Happy Birthday!