Monday, July 09, 2007

Song of today.

There's a little singer/band that calls herself St. Vincent (though those on the inside track know her as Annie Clark) who I haven't been able to get quite enough of. Her album Marry Me comes out on Beggars Banquet tomorrow and, if you know what's good for you, you'll pick up a copy. (And, for you SLC-ites, you'll go see her do her thing at Kilby on July 28th.)

I scoffed at a comparison between her and Feist today, not because I necessarily think one is better than the other, but because they're of two very different schools of sound. Feist is a band that's actually harder NOT to like than otherwise, while St. Vincent is full of layers and clicks and buzzes and plucked-at strings. I also happen to think her album's got more originality than much of what Feist has stuffed in her catalog, but this is no match. I accept both. I have room on my CD shelf for both. I just happen to be listening to St. Vincent more. Her collection of sounds simply requires more study is all. Thankfully, she's not just another pretty voice.
(click on the photo to hear "Land Mines")

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aisy said...

i wish i had her hair... and voice... and super cute face