Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Utah in the news ... again.

First things first.


Lots of thoughts have been swirling in my head since this was brought to my attention (which, I'm told, was the most read article in the BBC News when it came out a couple days ago).

First off, of course this happened in Orem (or "Arm", as it's pronounced by the born-and-bred locals). It's where my parents have chosen to reside for the past 15 years or so, so I have a passing knowledge of the city that lives in Provo's shadow. I believe they like it because it's touted as being a safe community. Not too many years ago, I learned it is one of those rare areas in the nation that borders on being over-policed. For an area with an uncommonly low crime rate, it also has an uncommonly large number in its police force. Too many cops = boredom? It was the very town I received the only ticket I've ever received while driving ... and it was because I went through a red light at 3 A.M., when no other cars were on the road. Well, except for that one, vigilant cop, but that's all beside the point.

Moving on, then, it's important to point out that this officer wasn't even a real officer, per se. I mean, he was assigned to the
Neighborhood Preservation Unit. His main duty was going around and harping on people for having big weeds mixed in with their tulips. I didn't even know they had cops doing that in Utah. When I lived in Calgary, the city gave you a warning before just cutting your grass and billing you for it later. In Utah, I guess it's easier to just bust you up a bit and knock some sense into you. That'll learn you, right?

Also, she's 70. Seventy. I guess you can resist arrest at any period of your life, certainly, but c'mon ... handcuffing an old woman because she wants to call her son, then getting her all bruised and bloodied up in the process? Please. I brought this one up with my 86-year-old grandma on Sunday and she says the woman got what she deserved. I'm not so sure about that. She was quoted in the Daily Herald as saying that, in the future, she'll stand on her head if a policeman tells her to do it. Guess we're back to a lifestyle of cowering in fear, eh?


Hey, It's Ansley said...

What really frustrates me about this, according to the news I saw, the officer is on PAID administrative leave. So basically, he gets a paid vacation for this horrific and exaggerated handling of a 70 year old.

The Carrie Collection said...

I think that cops in Utah are extra douche baggy. I've never seen such quality law enforcement.

Dainon said...

See? That's even worse. Hadn't heard that until now.

Marie said...

A couple weeks ago KUER was saying that Provo was hurting for cops. They should ship some of those bored Orem cops down to P-town to take on the meth houses, Prozac junkies, and 911 calls in which concerned citizens request officer assistance in guiding "confused-looking" ducks back to their ponds. (Yes, really -- my buddy was a Provo dispatcher.)

aisy said...

okay, first of all i find this totally ridiculous. arresting someone for not watering their lawn??

secondly, they did that in calgary? i had no idea. born and bred there and i just learned something new.

Price said...

She was 16 years younger than your grandmother. I'm pretty sure that all 11-year-olds are little punks and need to be smacked upside the head a little, so I can see your grandmother's point.

Mike said...

Since it's Orem, she should protest by sticking a huge sign in her garden referencing D&C 121:39.

Lincoln said...

Stupid. Just stupid. The guy should be fired.

On an unrelated note...I was unaware (and now am a little bit jealous) that you lived in Calgary.

Sherpa said...

absolutely inane and pointless.