Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Elvis hasn't quite left the building.

Last night was the first time in quite some time that I've sang an Elvis song (make that THREE Elvis songs) in public. I am on some kind of break from the whole thing (no telegrams for now, thankyuhverymuch), but they're the tunes that come out of me the easiest when placed in a karaoke setting. Back me into a corner with a song catalog and I'll head to the two or three pages they have of his stuff. The Tavernacle was so dead, we were practically just passing the microphone around the four people in our wee group. I got people laughing pretty hard during "Blue Moon of Kentucky" (it comes out pretty shaky growly when it wants to), did "Bossa Nova Baby" (aka The Fastest Song he ever sang) and brought it all home with "Love Me", which just so happens to be my favorite tune he ever recorded. Funny thing was, each song had someone coming up to tell me how much they liked it. It felt nice. After my last song, an enormous lady by the door (the one who demanded we all pay a ridiculous $3 cover) made her way to me and told me I best enter the contest on the 16th over at, well, I forget the name of the bar. Someplace in Sandy. I've entered before and fared pretty poorly, but something in me is itching to do it again. Maybe my retirement is nearly over. At least it's getting fun all over again. That's what it's all about, after all.

By the way, Elvis' death date is a week from tomorrow, Aug. 16th. Honor that date however you feel. I might go to work in a jumpsuit, but probably not.


Amanda said...

Go to work in the jumpsuit. Take pictures (post them, of course). I double dog dare you!

B. said...

Were I the sort to get tattoos across the knuckles, I'd get a "What Would Elvis Do" tattoo.

Dainon said...

Ha. I used to have that on my license plate. Because, honestly, that question plagues my mind on a constant basis. Why not allow others on the street to question the question? Am I right?

... said...

So, the karaoke contest is the same date as his death anniversary?

Destiny is calling, Dainon.

Dainon said...

Yeah ... and I just remembered that it's the same night of my radio show. That's the unfortunate thing about stars, I guess ... sometimes they align and sometimes they don't.

B. said...

"Because, honestly, that question plagues my mind on a constant basis. Why not allow others on the street to question the question? Am I right?"

Exactly. What would he do? Shoot the television? Eat massive amounts of peanut butter? Buy another cadillac?

Dainon said...

I'd watch your step, b. This isn't the best place to give into poking fun at Mr. Presley.

B. said...

Whoa whoa whoa hey, I'm not poking fun. Heavens no. It's just that the man had some unique habits, and that's why I love him.

Dainon said...

True story. Double true. And you left plenty of them out, even.

Trude said...

WWED. One day Dainon, One day I'm gonna fly all the way over there too hear you sing Elvis.

Shoot the television?

And high school counsellors all over the world would hail him for fixing one of the problems of the youth today.

Eat massive amounts of peanut butter?

with banana on toasted bread even. love it. try it. you'll be glad.

Buy another cadillac?

too replace the ones he gave away to some needy folk/family or friends.

I like Elvis a little bit.