Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doing Mt. Timpanogos.

Took it upon myself to climb Mt. Timpanogos last weekend. My friend Johanna was the sole person who accompanied me, as all others who caught wind of it would express interest and a) offer conflicts or b) wimp out. No bother. It’s something I’d wanted to do for a while and, with Fall already on the horizon, it had to happen. I’m of the opinion that you should be able to feel hikes once you complete them. Hour-long jaunts don’t count. They’re nature walks. Starting at 2 in the morning to catch a sunrise 11,749 feet up and taking 8 hours to cover 15 total miles of rocky ground? That counts. It counts so much that it’s nearly 3 days after the fact and I’m still feeling it in my bones (and, truth be told, my butt).

Why the smiles? Because just before she had said, "Hey, MISTER! Wanna take our picture?" He was younger than us both.
Call me crazy, but I honestly hadn’t expected it to be as popular as it was. There were many, many people we had to scoot past on our way up and we had to fight for a place to sit on the cold rock up top. At any given point in the trek up, you could turn around and see headlamps dotting the dark below us, constantly moving upward. Pretty amazing.

one Billy Goat Gruff

I ended up a sweaty, pink-cheeked mess up top (and both of us had numb, frozen hands on account of no gloves), but it was worth the struggle. All of it was worth it. The long, sustained silences coupled with star-gazing pauses. The hours and hours of conversation with an old friend. The near breath-holding that accompanied the blood-red sunrise. The blisters, the heartburn I got from my Cliff Bar, taking a nap up top amongst strangers, seeing a sliver of a silver moon as Mars glowed nearby ... and on and on and on.

I overheard one girl who said, “Take a picture of me, because I’m never doing this again.” That’s unfortunate. It’s pretty enough for me to do it again. I more than likely will, too. If you haven’t, you ought to check it out. Really. Why? Because it exists.


Sherpa said...

"Why do you do climb?"
"Because its there."

I've never climbed Timp-mostly because I didn't grow up on the Wasatch Front and didn't go to school there, but its definitely something I'm going to do someday. Hopefully someday soon.

I completely agree. You should feel hikes when you complete them. Hour long hikes are just jaunts.

bestsariah said...

That looks beautiful. I'm gonna go with you next time.

Lincoln said...

Wow. You and I would be good friends. I'd gladly take a hike like that...and have on several occasions. Looks amazing.

plainoldsarah said...

i like juants. i also like stunning beauty. i might go some day. glad you loved it enough to do it more than once. carry on i say!

cropstar5 said...

Looks like an awesome hike.

Price said...


There are very few things that compare with climbing mountains. I hiked Twin Peaks by myself last weekend.(See my latest blog) I climbed the Grand Teton a couple weeks ago. There's just something amazing about thin air. It lets you know you're alive.