Friday, September 07, 2007

Haven't slept a wink.

I honestly feel like I haven’t slept in a couple of weeks. Well, outside of some occasional naps here and there.

My Labor Day weekend was so filled with doing random things that I was barely able to hang on and enjoy the ride. But I did enjoy it. Mostly. Life seems suddenly more rich and more full. I can only attribute it to this being the near-end of the summer. There’s so much I’ve yet to do. There are still many things I plan to. What if you could halt the season (or maybe slow it even) by refusing to act like it was going to get snowy cold in the next couple months? I mean, if enough people joined in the movement? We could cause a global warming miracle all on our own, people. Think about it.

Allow me to retrace my steps of the last several days … or at least last weekend. Photographs help where memories fail.

Well, it started on Friday night with a hike up Spanish Fork Canyon to visit the hot springs (aka hot pots aka stanky stanky sulfur water that doesn't wash off your skin for a couple days). It took an hour-and-a-half to get up and about the same to get back. There was a whole crew of complainers both ways, a lot of people who fell down and bloodied themselves in the process and plenty of giggling. It ended just after a couple of us scored Belgian waffles at the 24-hour polygamist joint on Fort Union. I rolled in at 5 in the morning. As it was dark and I had no camera on my person, I have no photos of this weekend kickstart. And, had you been there, you’d thank me for this.

On Saturday, some people (Maren, Angie, etc.) decided to throw a birthday party for some other people, the catch being that you needed to come there good and dead. Because, at 30, you're pretty much there, am I right? The comment was made after this party (from a nonattendee, mind you) that these are just the kind of crazy parties that crazy Mormons come up with because they don’t drink. They’re right. I’m glad I can get invited to the crazy Mormon parties. I think they’re much more fun than nursing hangovers are for others. Crazy silly dancing fun. Plus, call me crazy, but I dig putting makeup on. Pass the eyeliner, por favor.

The next afternoon, a gaggle of us made it up to the Uintas to do some camping. Sure, the tinfoil dinners weren’t cooked all the way through and, sure, we got nice and rained on as the night went on and, yes, wet dog smells like unwiped butt, but I’m a fan of quiet. I’m a fan of innumerable stars. I’m not so much a fan of a cranky ranger who wakes me up at 7:30 in the morning. Unbeknownst to most of us (Danielle excluded), we’d set up camp in a place that’d been closed to preserve the wildlife there. We escaped before he came back to fine us, though, and spent the rest of our day doing some lazy hiking, wildlife sightseeing, greasy diner grubbing and eventual swimming pool tanning. Best Labor Day in a very long time.

That night, more friends, some Albertson’s fried chicken and a bonfire. I stumbled home around 3 or something, I think, smelling of campfire smoke. It made for a nice aroma. Wildlife cologne? I grabbed a few winks and made it to soccer by 6:30 in the morningtime. Because it’s fun, that’s why. Sleep appears to be overrated and unnecessary.

This was followed by more soccer later in the week, more shooting of the tube (a new Wednesday tradition!), some pizza and popsicles in a hot tub and a quick hike to the pretty Living Room over yonder by Red Butte Gardens (along with my pally Tara). I think we proved to one another that we both needed to do it more. At least I wasn’t the one who begged us to take a break first, though. I think that means I win.

she had to steal my camera so she could take ...

... this masterpiece! Lovely, idn't it?

I need to sleep for a couple of days straight. It’s nice to be living like I’m 18 again, certainly, but my body doesn’t seem to want to catch up with my mind on this one. I’m not real sure when I’ll slow down, but I’m thinking it might happen sometime around noon tomorrow. We’ll be leaving to climb up Mt. Timpanogos around 2 A.M. to go catch an early sunrise. It’s supposed to take about 10 hours round trip. I’ll likely die of happiness or exhaustion shortly thereafter, one of the two. And I’m good with either one. I’m a doer! Heh.


bestsariah said...

Your life sounds like a fun movie.

ewesa said...

pretty! that tree picture is very gorgeous!

Sherpa said...

Funny, I spent Monday on the other edge of the Uintas.

Dainon said...

Well, Sherpa, we're practically the same person, you'll recall. It makes perfect sense, then, that you were where you were.

Bawdy said...

The only reason why i suggested (not begged) to take a break first, was b/c your swass was getting to be a little too much to handle from behind! ;)
I took that picture??? Wow! Thanks for making it look like the masterpiece that it has become.

plainoldsarah said...

that tree is enough to make a girl cry - very very good.

Sherpa said...

Time and time again, we prove to each other that we're mirror reflections of eachother. Its not even eerie or strange anymore. I shouldn't have been surprised we were on opposite ends of the Uintas on Labor Day.

Fun fact: my mom's family hails from Kamas Valley, specifically Peoa which I spent many summers on the family ranch. I've hiked Baldy(right above Mirror Lake) with my then 68 year old Grandma.