Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last night at the Yoga Ball Olympics.

How is it these things happen? I don't rightly know. I do know there was a REAL soccer game that brought us together. I know too many people ate too much nachos and cheese and what they said were Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. And, after it was all over, I learned what it takes to compete in the Yoga Ball Olympics. I chalk it up to there not being a TV in the place the event accidentally happened. But these chance moments are not for petty words. They are for incredibly short viral videos. Note: They get better the more you play them when rapid succession. Trust me on this.

First contestant: Angie. She showed us how it was done. Run, roll, scream like a small chihuahua being stepped on.

Second contestant: Myself. I skipped the scream and went straight for headbanging a corduroy Lovesac. It felt very, very nice. Like resting my head on a huge pillow (pronounced: pilla).

Eh, that's me again. Not satisfied with a first attempt, I thought I'd go for the wall instead. Check out that momentum! The judges were audibly impressed.

Chris mastered the yoga ball bellyflop on his first try. Nobody hits balls harder than Chris. He is, after all, a humongous man.

Mike, however, is more of a Yoga Ball stumbler. Observe for yourselves.

Angie liked Mike's stumble-roll so much, she attempted to re-enact it. Not a bad job, neither, if I do say so myself (and I do. And I did.)

I'm not sure this will ever happen again. The night, however, does go down in history.


Mike said...

Good times! I have secretly been practicing my techniques. If there is ever an impromptu second round I hope to have a better showing.

bestsariah said...

You're like a bunch of silly teenagers! I can't even imagine the injuries I would get from trying that. I broke my ribs just walking past my yoga ball.

ewesa said...

it lives up to the hype. no kidding about injuries, you people need more glide-roooll and less wall-bounce!

Angie said...

I just can't stop watching them. I can't stop and I laugh harder each time.

Dainon. said...

Mike: Keep secretly practicing. You shall move from Stumble Flop to Belly Skimming in no time.

BS: I picture you saying/writing that while shaking a cane in my general direction. I feel scolded. I'll head to the corner pronto.

Sarah: The goal is to do this in a rubber room, methinks. Wall bouncing will be yearned for. It will be our norm. I'll see to it that happens.

Angie: It's all for you and yer funny bone. Just try not to fall on it next time you yoga ball bounce. You may have to laugh forever and ever amen.

The Carrie Collection said...

You're a born champion Dainon and now everyone knows it. Hey, why'd you miss Brooks' Bday? We missed you. Come and play sometime before I leave.

Bawdy said...

One word...Entertaining! You should come and participate in our Love Sac Olympics next time you're over (if you ever do come over!!) -it's a rush! First place gets a Chuck Norris T!!