Monday, September 17, 2007

Make sure you're connected.

We's going prime time, baby. Tomorrow morning, Emily and I are subbing for, uh, whoever the dynamic duo is that usually does the Lake Effect on KRCL Tuesday mornings. It's been a while since we've done a show together and I've never done a show with her when we've each spoken with one another like we were a chatty morning radio team, taking turns at spinning our own brands of music and such. I get too selfish with the CD players, I guess. But this will be different. It will be new. Fresh. I'm looking forward to it. She's gonna bring her indie stuff and I'm going to play some dance-y electro mash-up goodness (and whatever else I can scare up between now and then). Tune in to 90.9 FM (or stream at krcl) and get happy ... we'll be on from 9-12 Tuesday (that's tomorrow) morn.

Lastly, things you can tell from the above photo:
1. Emily's friend (far left) is aghast at whatever it is Em just said

2. So's Emily (middle, hand over her mouth for dramatic effect)
3. Taking a photo by yourself is hard. Flaring your nostrils while doing so lightens the load.


DMo said...

Maybe they're both upset with the nostril flaring.

eped said...

great news! I'll tune in if I can get reception.

looks like you took your dentures out for the photo

Dainon. said...

Big nostrils and toofless. I'm a pretty thing, aren't I?