Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dublin in the daytime.

For the most part, those who busk in Dublin do it pretty creatively, which makes you want to give them your cash. They're entertainers more than they're anything else. Give me a show and I'll give you what I have. What's more, I'll feel good about it. I saw an Irish Elvis singing his heart out—called himself "Coin Operated Elvis." His suit was kinda shabby and he didn't necessarily sound exactly like the King, but who am I to quibble? His heart was in the right place.

It wasn't always like that, though. There was one character who begged his case to me not far from my hotel, asking for a few Euros to get on with his drinking and such. No included song or dance, unfortunately. When I gave him a 20 cent piece (all I had in my pocket), he pretty much raked me over the coals for doing so. Said it was like giving him less than a penny, had he been in America. He went from nice to pretty livid really quickly. See? Beggars can be choosers!

One day, though, I was able to capture a guy dancing with a dummy that looked eerily like Michael Jackson in a skirt. Now THAT is entertainment. Totally worth a few Euros. That and then some.


jess said...

anything resembling michael (in his younger less eery years) is worth a few euros

ewesa said...

hah! that's pretty good.
I watch all of your Dublin videos at least twice- once to see what's going on, and once to look for my friend john. :)

ck said...

that's awesome. he should sell those mj lookalike dolls with the slogan - "never be a wallflower at a dance again."

Laura said...

If you ever get to go to England you should go to Bath. The buskers there are great! and it's a cool old city.