Friday, October 19, 2007

Sweden : photos.

I have heard your rallying cry and this is my answer: 7 photos. I'm a lazy photographer when Marc is around, as he takes 700+ every couple of hours. I do, however, snap a shot or two on occasion. He'll likely send me some at one point which I'll post the best of here. In the meantime, here's Sweden through my eyes.

This is something Plewe might paint one day. This hasn't been copyrighted, so you can have at it. Get your paintbrushes out already.

The lady we were interviewing had two gerbils. This guy and one about three times his size, who looked like a skunk with ratted hair. I'm still not wholly certain it wasn't one.

This is Marc, everyone's favorite L.A. photographer. He's not a terrorist, but he likes to make jokes about them in the airport.

We got to pray just to make it today.

Bikes, bikes, bikes ... and a side of SPAM, I mean, bikes.

I'm food obsessed when the meal calls for it. How else to explain continually pulling out my camera in restaurants? Seriously. I forget what this little number was, but I recall it being some kind of beef cutlet with lobster meat stuck in its middle. It made me happier than some of the relationships I've had in my life.


erinannie said...

The orange picture is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen! What and where is it??? How did you take that?

Dainon. said...

I was in the air, in a plane ... and the sun came up at the proper time, with our plane tipped in the right direction ... I snapped it just before switching my camera to its "sunset" setting and, well, there you have it. Little tricks bring results.

Glad you enjoy! I have 7-8 in a series to go with that one, but it's my fave of the bunch.

Mikusan said...

Steak and lobster in one bite eh? I'd buy that for a dollar!

ewesa said...

those are some inTENSE oranges, beautiful color, good job!

aisy said...

i'm hungry. beautiful pics... of everything including the food

plainoldsarah said...

um, plewe doesn't paint. she pastels. it IS worth recreating, though. hop to it plewe!
traveling for work is cool and all but what I really envy is the eating you do!

Dainon. said...

Paint, pastel ... it's all art in my eyes.

jaimey said...

I often take pictures of food that impresses me, too. My camera even has a cuisine setting. I think we were meant for each other, my camera and I.
You don't know me, by the way. I hopped from my friend Shannon's blog to Matt Anderson's to yours . . . so hope you don't mind my reading . . . your trips sound amazing. And I appreciate your nod to Phil Collins. :) Moment of silence. :)