Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Who made the Red Eye red?

You guys, that's who. Explanation? Okay. It's no real surprise to those who know me that I've been doing this radio gig for a long while now and, well, we survive solely based on the generosity of our listeners. Every single DJ of every single show is a volunteer and, yet, there is surprisingly good programming most every hour of every day of the week (barring Fridays, heh). Outside of KRCL, I don't listen to another radio station, true story. Anyway, twice a year we beg—I mean, ASK nicely—our listeners to pony up whatever they can to help us remain on the air. So far, everyone's done a pretty good job. We're going on 30 years and we're still alive and kicking. This week is our Radiothon, which means I'll shamelessly ask here for donations. I'll do it here and I'll be doing it on my show. It's funny ... though I've done this just once before since having my own program, my show has never been as "prime time" as it is now. I hope that means more people are listening and that more cash money donations come in. Believe me, the thank you gifts are worth it, too—I always give just enough to get a handmade mugger (I have three of now that have seen many, many cups of tea on a cold evening). So, yeah. Give now by calling 359-9191 or call when I'm on this week and give then. I'm sure the goal they set for me last time ($100 or so) is going to be tripled or something. Scary thought. Tune in Thursday night at 10:30 at 90.9FM or go to KRCL to stream us. I'd like at least some proof you guys are listening, you know?

I do this because it allows me to share all the music I've acquired over the past days, months and years with all the rest of those who want to listen. And it makes me feel good to be able to do that. I enjoy making a live mix tape once a week and that's the truth.

On a related note, my friend Dallas popped in a few weeks ago and snapped all kinds of cool photos while I was doing my show. This includes the photos that come with this post. What he came up with was pretty cool, I think. Don't read my words about it, though. Go to his blog BY CLICKING HERE to see what he done did, eh?


ewesa said...

very nice photos, that montage would make a great wall hanging piece. he seems to focus on the extremes- close, and far- which makes for dramatic work. best of luck with the cash flow!

tim & brandi said...

Funny, I think Dallas knows EVERYONE - We met him at Tim's dad's funeral in June - he's a friend of Tim's sister Christine.


Dallas Graham said...

Who is this handsome, Red Eye guy? Truth is/was: super intrigued with the show — as a whole. You wear the mantle like a fine wet-suit. Great time, great show! And yes, I gladly accept your invitation to contribute.

Just promise me if I make "coffee mug" or "t-shirt" or "thimble w/ logo" status, it'll be arriving no longer than 2 months... (I have a gripe w/ the delay of gifts when I so givingly, GIVE!)

To KRCL Red Eye...

lisa'sblog said...

Too rich for my blood. The hour that is; not too easy on us east-coasters. Dainon ya look real good. And that shot with the wall of music in the background seems like it was born in your soul. I'm glad you get to do this. :)


Dainon. said...

Thanks for your pledges everyone! I met and exceeded by goal of $500 by about $115. And, at the hour I'm on the radio, that's no small potatoes. You who donated are saints and angels in my mind.