Monday, November 26, 2007

Peter & The Wolf in Utah - 11/20/07

Peter & The Wolf landed in Salt Lake recently to deliver what is fast becoming his annual house concert in the area and, dare I say it, but he seems to be getting better at his craft. For what is usually a one-man show, he's (Red Hunter, that is) pretty creative at bringing something new to the table each time, too. In the past, he's stomped around and conducted a junk orchestra on trash can lids or played a musical saw and bow, but, this time around, it was all about crowd participation. Less novelty, more naked songs. About 60+ crowded into the house to sing along when he asked us to do so and snap along when he thought things would sound good that way. Tunes like "Better Days" came off swinging like lazy beat poetry and "Sparks" was half-dirge, half-gospel hymn; seriously, it couldn't have sounded better. And, oh yes, there was a healthy amount of whistling. If Red's voice ever gives out, he could continue on the road on his whistling alone. He took requests until his string broke, told penguin jokes while he fixed it and, well, the more informed in the crowd made repeat visits to the kitchen for the promised cookies. Only thing the night lacked was a roaring fire, seriously. I think that, as long as he ambles his way over here, we'll have a group of stalwarts to greet him, hang out and add a lot of "ooooo's" to his tunes.

My only regret is not seeing him the next morning, where it was rumored he went jogging wearing my friend Angie's short red running shorts. Combined with his argyle socks and running shoes, it was a Kodak moments waiting to happen.


The Carrie Collection said...

Did you take Brooks and Ali this time? Didn't think so.

Laura said...

D, I tagged you. Check my blog. Do it and I'll be your best friend.

Bawdy said...

I enjoyed the electrical tape song...pretty clever.