Sunday, December 16, 2007

Coming on Christmas.

Once again, I’m cold in my place. And, just like that, I’m remembering the fleeting whims I had this weekend to get a space heater or an electric blanket to help keep me toasty in here. Instead, I’m sweatered, socked and about that close to shivering. Nevermind. It gives me a chance to fire up the electric oven and pretend really hard that it’s a roaring fireplace, one that smells more like crackling firewood than, well, charred pecans (gotta clean that thing out). I’ve been firing the oven up quite a lot of late. Whatever gets me through the night, it’s alright … right?

I have some Christmas musings in me this evening. It’s probably expected, too, considering we’ve just over a week or more to go before the Big Day. Today’s actually the first day that I felt a tinge of sadness come over me … it’s the first time I’ve lamented to myself that it will all be over too soon.

I’m not one to normally get sad during this time of year, as some are wont to do. And, despite that lone, aforementioned tinge, I’m not sad in the least. Everyone has their reasons for giving into their “bah humbug” tendencies or stepping it up a notch and actually enjoying all that comes with Christmas. Either get good and sad that you’re alone or embrace the many, many opportunities afforded you to give what you have to others. From where I see things, the first is a selfish emotion. The latter, however, is the stuff of joy. There are so so so many ways we can improve the lives of others, if we’d just retool our normal thinking processes.

The list of things to like about Christmas is about a mile long. I like the soy nog and the parties filled with warm hugging friends and rich chocolate-ly foodies. I like wearing an ugly sweater and making myself ill with mulled cider. I like the cool air and the snow that’s hanging around. I like soft, homemade gingerbread. I am pretty keen on my winter beard. I even enjoy (gasp!) sending out the annual Christmas cards and look-at-me! letters, the ones that come with real live envelopes and stamps and bragging. The music? Perhaps I’m one of the very few that’s head over heels for it. I’ve discovered a treasure trove of old holiday albums online this year that have never been transferred to CD for some reason or another. Instead of fading away into obscurity, however, they’re receiving new lives. I can’t possibly gobble up the stuff up fast enough. They simply made it better in the 50s and 60s than they do now. Artists of today, take note: Adding a jingly bell to your song does not make it a mind-blowing Christmas classic.

That’s all good. All of it. I could even throw in some stuff about the Christmas bonus or my fake little pre-decorated tree that went up the day after Thanksgiving. But that’s all icing on this proverbial cake. It’s so much bigger than that. I’m more thrilled than ever to find random gifts for my friends and sisters and parents. I relish creating surprises for them instead of asking them what it is they’d have me get. I like to be within smiling distance of my nieces and nephews. I’m looking forward to making dinner for the lot of them on the night of the 25th (third year inna row now). It is all centered around giving. And to not see that—to dismiss this as a time to fall inside yourself until you can squeeze out some tears and pity—that’s seeing things through a limited scope. The depressing part is those who happen to see Christmas as anything less than a celebration … because that is what it is. I call nobody out specifically. Generally, however? Oh, yeah.

It just doesn’t seem like there’s enough time to let this time of year sink in and change us some. What can possibly happen in a week’s time from now, anyway? A lot of we’d let it. I’ve noticed that hugs come easier this year. Those of us who are alone would rather not be … and there’s been a push to be with friends and such more. Flirting’s even at an all-time high. Hey, whatever helps to shove loneliness to the wayside is fine by me. There’s just no use being lonely.

I haven’t even finished my shopping, but I’m okay with that. In due time, it’ll be done. I just don’t want it—all of it—to be done on the 25th. I’m a big fan of keeping this whole increased love and sense of giving and all that comes with it going, for as long as I possibly can. Who’s with me?

Hopefully that made some kind of sense. Yammering and jawing and blathering doesn’t always make sense. But I’m glad it’s said, anyway.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I need to go warm some toes up by the fireplace/oven.


Mich said...

thanks--I really needed that

sir mister landlord sir said...

You're a good man, Dainon. I cannot believe how fast the big day is coming. I have done almost nothing in the true spirit yet, it seems. Though I guess there have been parties, pizza nights with friends, food drives and some worship. But still. I've got to pack it in. Thanks for lighting an electric oven under my pants.

ZLB said...

seriously. . .electric mattress pads are where its at. Or a pot bellied wood stove. I recommend either. Or if your too cheap for those options the hot water bottle will be your best friend for life.

Moonbird said...


I love your unabashed joy. I share it wholly. In fact, for the past four weeks I've been walking around this world with all the suspicious signs of being in love. I sing down the hallways at work, I wake up at 5:30 a.m. actually brother just laughs and shakes his head when he sees me... oh nevermind.

I keep looking over my shoulders, checking in with myself, "Am I in love?" (Well, yes...with several people, but that's just standard protocol...) But this all-encompassing feeling of bliss isn't dependent on a man or a woman. And really, it may not even be limited to "the Christmas season."

It lives in me. I believe this altitude of joy lives in everyone, which is why we treasure company who help us "rise".

Thank you for the details you've allotted to your joy.

kyality said...

You guys are a freaking Boy Band!

f*bomb. said...

Who's the hottie being manhandled by the blonde?
I think he wants my phone number...