Saturday, February 09, 2008


I'm not a numbers guy, not so much. I definitely lean towards being more of a words guy. It's the way I was made. Still, there has to be something to my having to take Math 13 twice while I was in high school (otherwise known as the 'easy' math in Canadian terms). Once in a while, however, numbers do stick out to me and allow me to take notice. Case in point: just a couple minutes ago, this blog hit the 30,000 visits mark. I was here to see it happen. It's not $88 million spent on a failed campaign or billions and billions of hamburgers sold, but it still is somewhat significant, at least to me. I often wonder what makes people come and visit this spot on the Web (beyond, say, my grandma and mom keeping tabs on me). Perhaps it's a question I'll never quite find the answer to. But, hey ... thanks for coming by regardless! You help keep this from being a lonely space, that's for sure.

**P.S. One person fond this blog by doing a Google search for women tied up in police uniforms yesterday. I think it probably led him to photos of me wearing a mustache, a flat top and a pair of Richard Simmons' shorts. Man, talk about your all-time disappointments.


Lincoln said...

I think people come by because they're entertained. So thanks to you...for entertaining us.

Moonbird said...

I know exactly why people come to this spot. You've got life in you, and you live it lovingly, artistically, humorously, and ponderously. It's extremely good stuff. You sharing yourself with the world is a very good thing for all.

Yeah, I know, you weren't fishing for compliments. It just happened effortlessly.

Dainon. said...

That's mighty nice of both of youse. Thank you, eh?