Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dream Weaver.

Three dreams from this past week.

First : This was more of a realization, really, but I woke up with the thought
that Don Smillie, a man I'd grown up with, and David Hasselhoff (yes, THE Hoff himself) were, in fact, the same person. This may have something to do with Knight Rider making his re-debut (check your local listings) this very evening, I dunno.

Second: It had my late
grandpa (as in my Dad's dad) in it. We were going to use him in a photo shoot for our magazine, he said, because the photographer thought he "looked young for his age." He was rather flattered by the compliment. He was set on wearing a big fat tie and such, but my plan was to talk him into a rather smart looking sweater, to keep that whole youthful vibe going. It was a brief meeting, but it was certainly nice to see him again.
Three: Ever seen those crazy Japanese game shows? Full of randomness that would likely get somebody sued if they happened over here? Well, all's I can recall about this one is that me and a couple of others were up against a bunch of Japanese guys in a Name That Tune sort of show. We were on twin escalators (going down) and, well, we had to sing the song that matched the beginning of tune correctly before the escalator made it to the next floor. Inexplicably, we had to have a running start. Maybe it increased the chances of injury happening.

As for today, I woke up talking or giggling or something. I don't get it. I could blame a few things, though: the cold medicine, the light on my space heater that casts an unearthly orange glow across my bedroom (whether I like or not), my big new pillows or my recent erratic sleeping patterns. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and blame all those things. It's got to be one of them, right?

If you feel like de-coding my subconscious now, well, you just go right on ahead and do so, fancypants.


ZLB said...

i had a dream last night that pres. packer and his wife showed up at a party of some of my friends. . .a valentine's innuendo party to be exact. . .and he was wearing some chino pants and a pastel madras short sleeved shirt. he was very affable and i spent awhile talking to him about his bird sculptures. go figure. I have also had a number of dreams about a similar looking mountain/ocean looking place. . .sometimes its new zealand, sometimes, alaska, and the other night is what the andes in peru. my friend andi is REALLY good at dream interpretation. seriously blows my mind.

ZLB said...

p.s. the hoff is alum of my college. kind of embarrassing, kind of awesome. i wonder if he and yoko ever hob nob at alumi events.

bjean said...

I like the metaphorical escalator of pop culture.

Melody said...

Well. . .according to my dream dictionary, if you are going up the escalator, it indicates success and down reverses. But if you dream of going down you can succeed in the end IF you are determined about it. The game has an interpretation too, but I need to know if you won or lost. Once again, you are weird, brother. Oh, and Don Smillie was shorter and tubbier than the Hoff as I recollect.