Monday, February 18, 2008

Eat and be satisfied. Stay and grow full.

Here's your photograph. Study it close.

Sometimes it really is just about preparing barbacoa tacos that take a good 24 hours or so to marinade and prepare properly, inviting over five friends for a feast, planting yourselves in front of a TV full of skittish piranhas and talking about what words the night winds blow your way or theirs.

It may or may not also include brownies made with yogurt, stomachs that have entire voices/languages of their own, forays into the authenticity of music and how "new" country doesn't quite manage to earn that distinction (not for me), how the mere mention of Beaver should come with a Beaver-like mouth motion, impossibly fuzzy blankets, sweaty hands, toes as long as fingers, the best unguarded smiles within a 5-mile radius, laughter, staving off the onslaught of sleep and wondering aloud what's going to run through your veins in the afterlife.

Still, it's important to remember ... it did start with the tacos.


tanyamae said...


Moonbird said...


"rumble, grumble..." Hmm? What's that you say?

Oh, my stomach says hi.

Sherpa said...

So you weren't regretting the choice of beef instead of pork?

Dainon. said...

Oh, no. And, well, it was so tender, nobody even knew it was beef until I let it slip, well after the meal was through. Perfect.