Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts on fire.

It's almost cliche to state that I don't much care for Valentine's Day, though I never really have. I don't hate it so much, though I don't love it entirely, either. Do I celebrate it? Not so much. The last good Valentine's Day I can recall was in high school, when I was dating Emily Sorenson. I had enough scratch to get her a couple of red roses (or were they the cheaper carnations?) and she responded in kind by giving me a brand new copy of Nirvana's Nevermind. No kisses, just much-desired gifts. And it was bliss.

Today, I'd hope that I'm wiser, though I do sound like I regard it like the Scrooge did Christmas. When I really search myself, when I really dig down, I discover what I truly believe ... and it's that any excuse to express or receive love are good ones. This day is known for chocolate and loneliness and such but, at its core, it really should be people thinking of other people, be they sweethearts or no. It's a celebration of what the soul yearns to express. I can get behind that in a second.

My mom has been fairly faithful in sending me a Valentine's Day card every year, either because she knows I don't have someone to share the day with or because she just gets caught up in the holiday (but likely both). Sometimes it's just been from her. This year, however, it was signed by her and the rest of the clan still living at home: my stepdad, my sister Lacey and brother Spencer. The best thing written though, by far, was what my little brother had to say. His sentiments: "It's sad that we have to write you instead of some hot girl, but happy valentines anyways." Priceless.



Laurie said...

I've read many Valentine's Day blog entries today, and this one is by FAR my favorite. You're so awesome, Dainon. Happy Valentine's Day.

PS My favorite Valentine's Day gift will always (ALWAYS) be Dreamy Elvis singing to me, at the time a frumpy pregnant lady.

plainoldsarah said...

oh, singing elvis IS a favorite vday memory - thanks for reminding me! i gave some to my reading students - they said "may your heart be filled with the love of learning always." or something painful like that. the sad part was that they couldn't read my heart felt personal message on the back. cursive.

SJ said...

Ugh, this v-day my bf and I didn't really plan anything (at least to my knowledge) even when I brought it up a week ago "Soooo, are we, um, you know, doing something for Valentines? (hint hint)?" He acted surprised it was already so close, shrugged it off and changed the subject. Me: dissappointed. So I really thought, okay, it's a day like any other and maybe I don't like where this relationship is headed, again. But then last night, there he was, 12 pink, long-stemmed roses and a trip to the steak house. Me: wow! Him: sooo, did you do anything for me? Me: I thought we weren't doing anything...Whoops!

This day just can't seem to get right.

ZLB said...

that is a lovely valentine. is that you in the top right hand corner? seriously such a pretty heart. mine was celebrated as it should be with good friends, good dancing, good food, and some good movies.