Thursday, February 28, 2008

I fill my water bottles at the Fountain of Youth.

I think more movie theaters in town should offer a student discount. If senior citizens consistently get a few bucks knocked off their price simply because they have stuck it out long enough to still be alive, why not reward us for being young people who study books, take arduous tests and still have most of our hearing intact? Fact is, not many theaters offer said discount. I can count the ones that do on one finger.

Anyway, when Em and I were offered the student discount the other night, I didn't really know what was going on. Other than, well, I'm not used to paying $5.50 for a 9:30 showing of anything. He never asked us for student IDs and never questioned if we were currently attending a university, either. Just told us the price fairly matter-of-factly and we paid it. It wasn't like he was offering that steal up to everybody, either. Our friends waiting inside paid the full 8 bucks ... and they're actually younger than us both.

It's been a couple days now and I'm still trying to decide why it happened. Did our youthful glow and demeanor shine so brightly that the ticket seller could not possibly believe we weren't students? Did the black sweater and jeans combo I was wearing scream "has not yet graduated"? On that note, if it was simply a wardrobe thing, I'd be happy to wear what I did every time I saw a movie there.

I felt not unlike an old person that is carded at the bar. It's a compliment, right? I was an older person given the benefit of the doubt. I wasn't about to fight his assumption (neither was Em). Granted, I'm a spritely 33 to her 30 years, but it did save us a fiver between us. How nice is that? We could return the favor by buying their gross popcorn, I guess, but we most likely won't.

Conclusions: He was either a) just trying to be nice, b) thought he saw a textbook sticking out of Em's purse or c) he knew that The Savages wasn't worth the full price of admission. I'm really leaning hard on that last one. God bless Laura Linney, but it wasn't much of a movie ... more a sign of things to come. The irony? It was largely about the onset of age.


MAnderson said...
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MAnderson said...

The Savages. I was SO mad when I saw it. They billed it as a 'dark comedy' - and I'm sorry...but it was NOT dark comedy. There were 4.7 funny parts, that were shown on the trailer, and then it was a sad, depressing look at what is to come with aging parents. Grrrrr. Yeah - not what I thought and definitely not as good as the hype. Unless you TOTALLY want to get depressed at a movie you were expecting to laugh at. Shame on the marketing of this movie.

Go see Persepolis.

Sherpa said...

Glad to know that about the Savages.