Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sammy be good.

Sam “Chubs” Bailey is good people. I honestly don’t recall when I first met him, but he’s been a more-or-less consistent addition to treks to Moab and Ed’s Cabin in the summertime for a number of years. He’s the one most likely to get talked into picking up his guitar and singing a tune, too. There are reasons for that. Yes, in addition to being a lawyer and pot/sink maker and community theater actor way over on the other side of the mountains in Price, he’s also one of the singing, songwriting ones. I think that, for as many times as he’s had his heart broken, he’s penned a song to remember it by.

And now, well, Sam’s about to become a man of adventure (sans Indy fedora). He’s accepted a job in Guam for the next year or more, working for a judge there (leaving tomorrow morn). He gets to live in a 2-room beach house—yeah, he gets to wake up ON the beach. Last time we spoke, he said not to be surprised if he came back the next Jack Johnson. With sand and bare feet and a sunset across the ocean every single day? Yeah, I can see that happening.

As part of one last hurrah then, he played a bunch of his “hits” for a houseful of friends this past Friday. And, for the most part, he left out the stories behind the songs. One just blended into the next. It was okay, too, because we pretty much knew them by the heart. We also knew most of the songs well enough to sing them along with him, too. It was a fitting way to say goodbye.

See you on the flipside, Sam. We’ll think of you whenever we eat bacon, promise.

a few of the adoring fans (older)

one of the adoring fans (younger)


Sam's first song, "Harry Larry" (with explanation). For more videos, check HERE, HERE and HERE.



lil' bohemian said...

Good peeps right there.

Ed said...

Now that Chubs is sittin' there on that beach, I wonder what song is coming to mind . . . "Great Expectations" or "Bachelor's Lament"? Probably something completely new . . . Have fun Sammy! Thanks for the evidence of good times, D.