Monday, February 04, 2008

Six things I loved about today.

The heat coming off the street. There was enough sunshine at one point (just after a rainstorm that has lasted about 19 hours or so) to make me make sweat just walking around in it. It was ridiculously hot. I was jeans-ing it and all, when I really should have been in trunks. Still, even though I felt I’d melt into a puddle of goo, I basked in it right up to the point that my face was about to slip off my skull.

All-you-can-drink fresh mango juice at breakfast. I would like to start drinking it instead of water. It’s thicker, sure, but I’ll get used to it eventually. I’d just like to replace the Dixie cups I’m trusted with with a pitcher-sized mug, thank you.

The friendliness of waitresses and waiters. It was a slow night at Hanabi, a sleepy but nice Japanese joint not far from our hotel, but it saved us from more rain around dinnertime. The host and three people that served us got a kick out of us all night long, watching us like hawks and laughing at us when it was totally necessary. It’s nice to come with a laugh track, even if they stand far enough away for us not to hear them. Wouldn’t be polite, you know? They thought nothing of us wanting to remember the evening with a group photograph, either.

The food at the same place. Miso soup? Excellent. Udon noodle dipped in something with a cracked pigeon egg in it? Gobbled it up, no questions asked. Maguro carpaccio and Oyako Don? Marveled at how good those were as well. Flavors trump quantity, the way things should be. The highlight of the evening, however, was the glass of fresh strawberry juice. Who knew there was such a thing?

Getting to see K L from 43 floors up. Finally! If you’ve seen Entrapment, you’ll know what building we were surveying the buildings and landscape from, too. Tallest twin towers in all the world, they are. Highlight? When we saw a 3-D informational video beforehand, a kid in a stroller next to me decided to use my big foot as an armrest, all the way through. How’s that for ingenuity, am I right? That kid’s going places (and I don’t mean back to Denmark, either, where he and his family hail from).

Seeing wee acrobats and fancy traditional fan dancers do their flipping/dancing thing in the middle of a mall. It may not top a Tiffany concert in a strip mall from yesteryear, but it made me all kinds of happy on the inside. They just pull out all the stops for Chinese New Year—it’s fantastic.

Yeah, it was a good day.


Sara said...

Tiffany mall concerts! I almost forgot about those.

Did you get any pictures of the strawberry juice? That sounds so yummy...

plainoldsarah said...

that photo looks totally fake. is it? very cool. at least the emotion is genuine.

Cindy said...

I didn't get to go up those twin towers when I was in KL. I wish I had! I did go up the space needle thing they have there though!

Sherpa said...

Wow, sounds very, very cool.