Thursday, March 13, 2008

Comin' round the mountain.

Last weekend, we celebrated my dad's mom's 87th birthday. I can't recall her ever having a birthday party that I have attended, but we were there with gifts and food and stories about the Utah Jazz. It was good to see uncles and aunts and cousins I hadn't in quite some time, as well as gab with my grams for a bit and comment on how big Sumo Baby was (18+ lbs. in four months and counting).

At one point, one of my cousins, Cherish, who I hadn't seen in years, started talking to me about my various trains. For her, trains are journeys ... and she wanted to know which train I was on at that point. After joking about needing to throw some more coals into the steam engine, I told her that I wanted her to write a "train" book and market it on Oprah at some point. I'm going to hold her to that, too.

Anyway, she's a pretty intense sort. I think she mastered that hushed, concerned voice and look when she was, oh, 10 or 12. But it's genuine. She stood and looked at me after a bit and said, "You're good! You're soul is happy!" I'm not sure how she could tell that or why I believed her, but that comment alone carried me through the rest of the day.

When the day was finally over and sleep was close, I really fought it. The day ended up being just too good to be over.

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