Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dream a little dream.

I’ve been hung up on dreams of late. Not the sort that traipse in and out of my head unannounced at 3 in the morning after ice cream, either. The real life kind. The kind that are just 30 percent daydream and 70 percent possibility. I suppose it’s nice to escape inside your head for a spell and conjure up some alternate universe for yourself on occasion, but, for now, I’m going to leave that up to the sad sacks. Why not tackle the ones that might actually be possibilities instead? That’s when futures are born.

I’m not sure this is the safest place to talk about all my ideas for my own specific future, but I do want to share just one.

Without delving into all the intricate details, the daydreamer in me thought I’d have a book written before I hit 30. I didn’t do much to allow that to happen, though, and—surprise, surprise—it didn’t. Instead, on my 30th, I was walking through a parade in downtown Salt Lake City as Elvis, responding to bored-looking grandmas in lawn chairs, commanding me to “Shake it.” (Not much of a trade-off, but highly enjoyable all the same.)

Now, however, I’m back to mulling over my original idea: I can’t seem to shake the notion that I need to head to a tropical place and squeeze a book or two out of my head and hands. I can’t explain why that’s the case. It makes little sense. But it nevertheless remains. I couldn’t shake it if I tried.

This doesn’t mean I’ve finalized an idea on what said book(s) needs to be about (because I simply haven’t, though the ideas are plenty) or if any of the ideas are even all that marketable (the journey is sometimes its own reward) or which country I’ve settled on (though it’s a short list). Some few who do not understand my wanting to do such a thing will come up with reasons for me not to put an idea like this one into action. They assume I am running away from my present, though they are wrong. My present is actually pretty nice. Instead, I see it as running towards my future. If you have it in you to make something happen, do it already.

I’ve made it a habit these past few years to look at my fears and plow through them, one after another. I decided that there was absolutely nothing to gain from hiding from someone or something for whatever the reason; many crazy and wonderful situations are the result of continuing to tap into that whole “feel the fear and do it anyway” notion. It’s why I am entertaining the thought to move to another country for the sole purpose of getting out what’s inside. It’s less scary than it is flat out exciting.

I suppose this may have something to do with the fact I work in a place where people are regularly using phrases like “It’s safe to dream again.” You can only hear that sort of thing so much before you start wanting to try that out yourself. In the end, you end up able to find more reasons to do something than to not do it. And that’s where I am presently. I sound like some sort of self-help guru, I suppose, but it is what it is.

Those few who I’ve already shared this with have almost unanimously supported me, though that was never expected nor was it intended. Thanks, all the same. Much has to happen before this can, but it’s a dream that can do more than exist inside my head … it can actually happen. At this point, I am hopeful it will.

This inevitably brings up some own questions, things I’ve been asking myself, but that I would now like to ask those who choose to come here and visit (and feel free to answer anonymously, if you’d prefer): What are your dreams? Are you currently living them? If not, why not? As one of my favorite teachers often says, “There are no wrong answers.” There’s a lot of truth to that, you know.


Sara said...

My dream was to leave my husband and move far away, and I did it. Then my dream was to go to back to school, and I did that too. I don't have a new dream yet. I'm awfully happy where I am.

Which tropical place are you thinking of?

plainoldsarah said...

i think it's good to come up with new ones regularly. i am used to calling them "impossible goals," or "conquering fears," more than "dreams." i like your positive twist - it makes them sound more attractive. but yes, i've done a few impossible goals - finally teaching was the one i got hung up on for years. i think the one i'm facing now is creating a yearbook. i also want to be a yoga teacher.

Anonymous said...

For years and years my dream was to complete a marathon. I finally completed my 1st marathon in October 2006. My new dream is to go sky-diving, swim with dolphins, visit Ireland, attend baseball games in Yankee Stadium & Fenway park....there are too many to list. I am a constant dreamer :-)

Chase those dreams my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Go for it! Follow where your heart leads and I don't think you will ever regret it. And don't listen to any negative people who try to convince you otherwise. They are full of fear. You're super talented and should see where your God-given gifts lead you.

My dream is to see the world and experience other cultures. I also wrote a children's story that I have hesitated to get published but always planned to "someday." I went through a life-altering experience that made me realize how fragile life is and how much of a gift every moment really is. It could all be gone in an instant so make every moment matter for YOU. You are your biggest priority right now. I learned that the little annoying things in life are just that--little. And the little joyful things in life are really the big things. I threw caution to the wind, found a job where I can travel everywhere and still have time to get my book published and keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

My dream of late was to tell someone that I loved them, without being scared of their reaction. It was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My dreams of the future were what got me through the nightmares of being raised in an alcoholic home. I was always afraid of my father and it wasn't until I saw him dying from liver cancer that I overcame that last hurdle. He made me promise before he died to learn from his mistakes, open a door that I had closed that had brought many happiness to me and many other people throughout the country was my photography and artwork. Since his death 4 years ago, I have painted again but not like I did when I was doing artshows throughout the country.

I think our greatest legacy and dream is to see our children grow, develop love and compassion for people, and see the future through our posterity. In order to achieve that dream it takes commitment which is something that many young adults run away from kicking and screaming. But through commitment and loving someone unconditionally a whole other dimension can open up in your life; one you never dreamed possible! Your pictures of your niece are priceless and explain what I am trying to express in words.

A dream is just a wish unfulfilled until you make commitment, and time will march on until you cross that bridge of dreams Elvis! You can do it, be brave my friend!

Anonymous said...

Edgar Allen Poe said that "Those who dream by day know many things that escape those who only dream by night." Day dreaming is powerful stuff..... thoughts turn into things. My dream is to be able to make living by doing what I love. I get by now but I'm way under the poverty level.haha Other than that I don't know any more. The last three years I've had repressed memories come back(not fun) that have so shaken my reality and taken me off the path I was on that I don't know what to dream right now. I think you should start that book though(Mr. talented writer). Do you really need to move away to do it though? I guess it does make it all so much more romantic.

Dainon. said...

Thanks for sharing your dreams all, anonymous or not. I like hearing about others who are seeking after the seemingly impossible. It's that triumph of the human spirit that amazes me, time and again.

aisy said...

i think i am partially living my dream. i love being a therapist because i think i'm making a difference each day. but i have a bigger dream to help those that live way below what we understand to be poverty... i think to live a year in africa helping where it is so desperately needed would be a completion of a major dream

happy island hunting (or wherever you need to be to write, write, write)

k8 said...

my dreams have been really fluid over the last few years..i think i'm living some of them and putting off others. pretty sure you are going to pursue one i got to lazy/scared to keep on the list. good on you.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream the other night, I can't say that it will come true but it was nice just the same. Something happens to dreams when one makes them reality and the pleasure of there existence becomes so much more.
My dream is to love with out reservations, to get to a place of rest because I found home, with my best friend in a place with space to create all kinds of things. Is the feeling of sighing on the edge of a cliff and looking out to the open space of the landscape and the endless horizon.

Dreams get us moving.
Make your trip, go and live it. Places can inspire alot but ultimately is what u carry inside.
If a place will open u up, and all that stuff comes gushing could be a great relief ;)
I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I think accomplishing dreams are not only the outcome we recieve from them, but all that we expirience and changes us in our journey there. It takes courage to go after them.