Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Let It Grow.

Now’s as good a time as any to confirm that I am proud to be bearding with a purpose this time of year. While it is true I am gearing up for Cinco de Mustache in one short week from today (and this will be my third year mustach'ing), this old beard has been good to me this time around.

No, I’m not bearding because I’m lazy. I have no unruly vagabond aspirations. I haven’t had a problem not stepping close enough to my razor in the mornings. I’m not in search of the mystery lumberjack within; growing a beard will certainly not summon the axe-wielding flannel-wearing giant inside. It’s none of those things. You know what it is? It’s a celebration of the face.

Others in my midst have been celebrating their faces, too, and it’s really rather invigorating to see beards everywhere I turn. We are men. We are hairy men. Some are more hairy than others, but the hairier aren’t ridiculing those who look like they’re sporting milk mustaches several weeks into this adventure of unshaven cheeks (not much, anyway).

No. Instead, we compliment one another. We admire and throw encouraging Thumbs Up signs while scratching at our chins. “Nice beard” speaks whole volumes in just two small words.

I’ve got some gray sneaking in on my chin this time around—some earned salt to go with my pepper. I can’t get as close to my pillow when I lay myself down to rest. I even have to add another couple of minutes to my normal showering time in order to properly shampoo and condition the thing (lather, rinse, repeat) but, you know what? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss this bushy facial creation when I go about whittling it down. I’m not even sure there won’t be tears in my beard sometime during that process.

Luckily, I don’t have to think about that too much now. Not for another week. Until then, to quote Clapton (note: also a bearder), I shall “let it grow … let it blossom, let it flow … in the sun the rain the snow … A beard is lovely, so let it grow.”


f*bomb. said...

That must be the solution.
Usually I figure a beard is an automatic wall from facial physical affection (due to chafing), but CONDITIONER sounds like a good solution...which is nice, because I rather LIKE facial hair...

tim & brandi said...

So if I decide to stop shaving my legs for a few weeks can I pass it off as a "celebration of the legs"?


Sara said...

It looks good, and I'm glad to hear you're keeping it clean.

We are women. We are hairy women.
A woman I work with was wearing shorts today and clearly does not ever shave her legs, and also clearly does not care who sees it. At first I thought it was gross, but after a while I started feeling really impressed. Now I'm going to grow out all my body hair and braid it. Or not, but still. If I were stronger I would.

Dainon. said...

f*bong ... some really hate kissing a man with a beard, while some can't help but cozy right up into it. You've seen how girls go ga-ga for Sam Beam, right? You do know the Sam Beam?

brandi ... in a word, YES. Burn your bra while you're at it. It's celebration time, c'mon!

sara ... I'm glad you like. As for your teacher rocking the leg hair, as long as it doesn't extend to armpits, I'm cool with her level of comfort, too. Boo yah.

Sherpa said...

I would cozy up to the Sam Beam any day. I love facial hair on most men.

Celebration of the legs? Absolutely!

upto12 said...

As good as I feel about my progress this year, I can't help but envy a thick beard. Grow on, D. In the name of all the rest of us patchy wannabes, GROW ON!

ewesa said...

leg celebration...does that mean you'll post pictures of your manly men co-workers in shorts again? I hope so.

Dainon. said...

sherpa ... birds build nests in sam beam's beard hair. I think Jimmy Hoffa is in there, too.

hoss ... does this mean I can keep my beard in lieu of a handlebar? Just say the word and no razor touches this face.

ewesa ... do not be confused. We's only celebrating our faces in this neck 'o the woods. Leg celebrations can happen elsewhere for now. Still ... we did have some nice knees, didn't we?

frog said...
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DMo said...

You know how I feel about a good beard.

Sherpa said...

Dainon-From the pictures I've seen of it, it could easily be my own private hideaway. Especially if he started singing. or talking, I imagine he's got a nice speaking voice too.

The Beautiful Kind said...

That beard pic is so HOT! I love all facial hair on men, except molestaches. Even those Wyatt Earp handlebar mustaches are hot.

The dudes from Flight of Conchords say having a beard is like having "a pit on your face."


"A PET. So you are niver lonely, you can just giv your face a stroke."