Monday, April 14, 2008

Spiral Jetty'd.

Our wee trek to see the Spiral Jetty this past Saturday has already been so well documented elsewhere, I don't really have much to add to those who've done it much better'n myself, but, because I like to snap photos, I wanted to at least show a couple off. The abbreviated backstory: A bunch of friends wanted to drive into the middle of nowhere and see a work of art in nature—and so we did. It's normally underwater, more something to gaze at than walk on, but we were in luck. We walked all over it and explored it thoroughly. It was a day of much salt, some foam tossing, friends old and new making nice, stories told and a bit of dating advice. I rather enjoyed it. I do believe I'll be going back. Come with next time, m'kay?

this cloudy foam photo courtesy of Ward

Cindy, with camera

Lena, with lunchbox

and the shoes are still salty

flock 'o seagulls, I mean, pelicans


Cindy said...

I like that picture of me with the carrots.

Sherpa said...

There's some great pictures here.

emily said...
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plainoldsarah said...

i like how you made my blurry cell phone photo look all professional by tinting it and mixing it in with all the good photos.

SJ said...

oooo, pretty!

lenalou said...

I'm loving seeing everyone's photos. Wonderful colours. And I like the one of me looking pensive. Or confused. Or something.