Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weirdest e-mail of my weekend award goes to ...

Well, it goes to the random guy who sent me this one:

"i dont know if your into it, but i just opened a new tattoo shop in midvale and we are having our grand opening tonight and tomorrow, so if you wanna get a free tattoo come on up.....7587 south state"

I never got back to him. Seemed a time-sensitive sorta thing, too. And I
so wanted a Tweety Bird on my hip.

Things to consider:

1.) Not much for spelling, is he? Or didn't you catch that whole
your v. you're thing? If some dude's gonna ink me, I'd rather get someone who gets his words right in the inviting. Tats don't necessarily come with spell check.

2.) How many other people got invited? How many jumped at that chance? I guess I'll never know.

3.) Free tattoos.
Free tattoos. Free tattoos. You know, I think I'd rather pay for mine. I have an Uncle Dick who got some free ink back in his Navy years all over his forearms. It's how they passed the time out at sea, I suppose. One of those things sailors and prisoners absolutely love doing. Unfortunately, there was no lifetime warranty involved. Can't make out a thing on him, really. In my mind's eye, I'm seeing some pretty girl's name or "I Heart Mom" or even a Popeye anchor somewhere in there. Now, though ... it just looks like an inky squid or two up and exploded on him. Guess you get what you pay for, eh?


Laurie said...

"Tats don't necessarily come with spell check."

Oh man, that's funny. That's going to keep me up late into the night chuckling away on my pillow.

Melanie said...

You're right. For something as permanent as a tattoo, you don't really want to rummage you artist out of the bargain bin.

lenalou said...

So funny and so true. Lasik, bungee cords, and tattoos -- cheapness should not be the deciding factor.

Sherpa said...

I have an Uncle with a "free" tat. I'm not sure the whole story of that tat, but I'm pretty sure I could guess and come up with something good. Just growing up seeing that tat on his forearm makes me extremely suspicious of "free" tats and think the tats I used to get from Bazooka Joe or one of those 5 cent gum wrappers are probably better looking and higher quality.

Sherpa said...

That should read guess and come up with a pretty accurate story. He's the one who got drunk, married a girl, the only problem he was engaged at the time to his future wife...who still married him. His life has been interesting to watch from the sidelines.