Monday, May 19, 2008

Had me a blast.

I wonder if I would appreciate the Summer in a place that was filled with warmth and sunshine year-round. I'm not sure I would. I've waited a very long time for days like today and yesterday and even the day before that. And now I will stop wearing socks and start wearing shorts and do ridiculous things like run a 3-miler around Liberty at 4 on a Monday afternoon (not recommended, not at all). I mean, I really fell for Summer last year in a hard way. It prolly got annoying for some to read about on this space, but it was all the truth. I embraced Her and spent my weekends camping and hiking and my mornings running like the crazy, sleep-deprived person I turned into. I went on and on about it, but it was all new to me. I never think it will be like that, but every year it is. After Winter and Spring, Summer is always the one I've been patiently waiting for. It is a gift ... and it holds my birthday (unsurprisingly, like a gift within a gift). So I will hike and camp and swim and play soccer again. I might not wear enough sunscreen, but I'll get by. I want to make this season of the sun worth it. Again, I want to ride a bike. Horrible biker, still don't have one to call my own, but the desire ebbs and flows. I find excuses to head to the park three times a day sometimes. I want someone to play Frisbee with, someone who can actually catch and throw pretty decently. Ah, the list goes on and grows. Time is short.

And, on nights like this one, I just don't want it to end. I want to sit by the open window and listen as long as I can and fight off sleep all the while. There's simply too much magic in the air of this summer night. Go on and look at that moon and you, too, will see what I see.


Vikki Miller said...

I'm like your creepy stalker blog reader.

But I just had to say that I love summer too. The beginning and end of it is just breathtaking. When the season changes and you can feel happiness induced by the sun run through your veins.

I spent many nights last year sitting at an open window, supping camomile tea and watching the sky turn to a dark blue.

(In Scotland, during the peek of summer, it doesn't get completely dark.)

And there would be this cool, but warm and refreshing breeze blowing in on me. Summer is tremendous. I just wish we had a promised definite summer with no rain. I envy you on that one.

I won't offer my Frisbee skills because I suck. I'll keep practising though and perhaps one day we can chuck a Frisbee about. I'm addicted to the park, I just love being on and surrounded by grass.

Cindy said...

You go, Dainon. Sound your barbaric yawp.

Anonymous said...

Last night was a magic night. It felt like the start to a great summer.
I can't wait till Thursday night. Last Thursday the song you started with(on the Red Eye) had me planted on the couch in musical ecstasy.
Have you ever tried throwing boomerangs? It's so much fun.
Anyhow, I thought I was your creepy stalker blog reader. I may have out creeped her though by going anonymous.hahahahahaha

Dainon. said...

Dear anonymous,

I wasn't officially creeped until that crazy laugh ended your comment. As for now? I SO am. Thanks, crazy person!

- Me

Moonbird said...

This is a very happy Dainon coming through. Wow, it's like your a plant going through photosynthesis... when the sun comes out you just, um, bloom? No, too girly. Uh, you just...uh,! Dang it.

I'm glad you like the sun in all your manliness.

Sherpa said...

I agree with you about summer. I've always been a bike person though. Right now I own three that live in our small two bedroom apartment. Too bad you're not closer, one is probably your size.