Thursday, May 22, 2008

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's in Salt Lake City, 5/17/08.

I sorta promised my friend Sam, who up and decided to go grow out his big curly hair in Guam this year, that I'd give him a review of the Margot & The Nuclear So and So's concert over yonder at Kilby last Saturday. And, as I'm (mostly) a man of my word, I thought it best to throw a few words up.

Mini-review: There were sound problems and the singer was still suffering the aftereffects of a food poisoning incident at a Denny's in Denver from the night before, so things got off to a rough start. Overall, though? It was a dirty, sweaty performance with seven guys and a girl crammed onto the smallest stage I'm betting they've ever played. There were even violins and horns and a huge sideways bongo drum getting played. They led off with three brand new tracks and hit most of the middle-sized, underaged crowd's favorites. We had "Quiet as a Mouse" and "Skeleton Key" and "Paper Kitten Nightmare," along with other newly-written songs (new album doesn't drop until September). It was loud and boozy and they had a secret weapon in the dancing-happy tambourine player. Now that guy really DID believe no one was watching. I hate making comparisons, too, but vocally? Richard Edwards ends up being some kinda messy hybrid of Brandon Flowers and Pete Yorn. After a couple of his own offerings at the tail end, I'd really like to see him go solo at some point.

I could hear more than I could see, though I went about trying to prove otherwise; no photos really panned out. I promise I was there, though. For proof, check out this video of "Dress Me Like a Clown" that I taped all by myself. It gives you some idea of how it all went down.

And that's all there was.


sam said...

for margot i would be a tamborine man too

D'Arcy said...

I'll admit, I have wanted to be Margot AND play the tamborine, too bad that band has both of those covered! You know the Great Lake Swimmers are coming in August right? right!

Dainon. said...

I never quite figgered out who Margot was, unless she's the lone lady in the midst of the So and So men-folk.

GLS ... that's a yes. I shall return to them and pay homage, all over again.