Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Salt Lake, I love thee.

It seems like we've had to wait plenty long for the Twilight Concert Series to be announced ... and their website STILL isn't updated ... but the news is finally here. De La Soul is coming to play me songs on my birthday, Andrew Bird and Josh Ritter battle it out together on one special night and I shall finally get to see the glory that is the Broken Social Scene. I say that without exclamation points, but just know they are there in spirit. Like, 18 of them. I am trying to remain calm about that one, really. I shall succeed.

There are plenty of "TBD" acts to be filled, and it'll be fun to play wait-and-see for alla those, but we've got a wide array of bands to make us plenty happy this summer. Once again, music within walking distance of my house. I just wiped away a single tear of joy. Thank you, organizers. I believe!

For a full lineup (more or less), visit HERE.

P.S. There is a rumor Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings are trying to get over here this summer, possibly for the series. If that happens, mark your calendar. After all, she is the reincarnated lady version of James Brown. I became aware of that while watching her do her thing in Seattle a few years back.


David Jack said...

sharon jones RULES. she got me through a very turbulent flight from denver to houston. yay.

aisy said...

ooh, andrew bird. me likey

Lee said...

The Twilight Concert Series is so annoying, but with Yo La Tengo last year and the Roots this year, they keep me coming back, if only for one of the Thursdays.

Sherpa said...

Sharon Jones. One of the greatest Front "men" I've ever seen. Great concert, and her band is freakin' tight too. Go see her people. Great show, even if a chick picked a fight with me during the show.

Dann said...

Thanks for the update...I was starting to wonder when the schedule was going to be released. But now I'm sad: the lineup is tragically missing the name of "Sharon Jones," unless she mysteriously ditched the Dap Kings for the Yonder Mountain String Band. I'm envious you got to see this li'l lady belt out the tunes.