Saturday, June 07, 2008


It's defined so many ways, but today?

It's the breeze making its way through my windows and all over my house, one of the coolest, most beautiful June afternoons that I can recall. I'm inside, but still. It's making my way through a huge stack of "extra" CDs the station was giving away to the tireless volunteers like moi (and The Puppini Sisters' album just happens to be the one I'm enjoying presently ... velly niiiice). It's being incredibly lazy about housework this afternoon, but getting it done all the same. Maybe I'll finish, maybe I won't, but progression is that important part, right? It's running a few miles in the park and overhearing a guy on headphones pass by, singing proudly along to "That's What Friends are For." It's knowing this one will end with Mexican foodies at a new joint and a cheap movie or a play (either is alright with me). It's spending time with a friend I've known for over a friggin' decade of memories. Ah! So nice. So full of the happy.

Now the Puppinis are doing the prettiest version of Barry's "Could It Be Magic" that I've ever heard. Have I heard a cover of this? I don't think so. They've gone where no musician has gone before. Wow.

Next stop: dirty kitchen.

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