Thursday, July 03, 2008

Feels so right.

When I forget my iPod at work and decide to run a 9-miler before 6 in the morning, I get by just fine. I just put my thoughts on SHUFFLE instead.

  • Proportionally speaking, when I compare my massive shoes and body to the sidewalk ants below, I’m absolutely huge. HUGE. I’ve gotta be, like, eight times the size of Godzilla is in his movies. I wonder if the ants are screaming right now?

  • If one fly finding its way into your open mouth can be termed an “accident,” several flies doing the same thing may as well be called “breakfast.”

  • Uh-oh, here comes a burp. No, that’s gonna be puke. Nooo, feels like burp. Tastes like puke. Oh! Oh! O-o-okay. Just burp. I can live with burp. I can run with burp.

  • Whether the boys are 15 years old or just 3, it is the same: Mimicking the birds in the aviary just never gets old.

  • I sincerely believe that the Rubio’s bean ‘n cheese burrito I ate nine hours ago has tripled in size in my belly overnight. This is the truth. I will fight all those who don’t believe me on this.

  • (after the third walk-rest) If I really wanted to, I could run 9 miles without stopping, but I don’t. Okay, that’s totally not true. I’m lying to myself. However, walking when the body demands it? It feels so right (see below).

  • Dogs sure crap a lot. And only in parks.

  • At 6 in the morning, the Canadian Geese at Liberty Park definitely outnumber the people in it. Never take your eyes off them. I was sufficiently scarred by Hitchcock’s The Birds. I learned what I need to do. Sure, they’re just grazing on the hillside now, but I know they’re just waiting to make their move.

  • Getting six miles in before the sun starts shining down is an accomplishment that will keep me going the rest of the day. Also, putting nine miles to bed in about 90 minutes, when it felt like two hours or more? I feel like patting myself on my sweaty, sweaty back.

  • Not stopping for a breather in the first mile-and-a-half feels nice, but stopping once during the last mile-and-a-half? Feels absolutely a-maze-ing.
Inexplicably, every time I stopped to take a walking rest (brief though they were), Alabama's "Feels So Right" popped into my head. Because, truthfully, it really, really did.


tim & brandi said...

Why is it that the first 3 miles are always the hardest?? Unless, of course, you're running 26, then the last 3 are much worse.


ewesa said...

I exercise at liberty park now that I'm living in allison's attic, but it's walking 2 miles, and at 6pm. not so triumphant. good job!

cropstar said...

best. post. ever.

Anne said...

I'm with cropstar. Awesome post. And bullet point #6?? Pretty much my running motto...

plainoldsarah said...

those geese have given me the willies - there really are a lot of them. I just read goose girl which only supports the fear.

The Vastbinders said...

Your to funny. Great Post! :) When I run....all I think to myself is, "get through it Kari, get through it." and "I hate running". HEHE. And then I go sign my butt up for a 1/2 marathon down in Utah for this fall. HA! I must not hate it too much! HE

SJ said...

You are crazy, but I must admit also impressive. I keep saying I am going to get up and go running in the morning. I am not a morning person so this hasn't exactly happened yet. You, I've noticed, are very in shape, but 9 miles at 6 am, now that's something.

Anonymous said...

I ponder the ant thing all the time. Thanks for the good music last night.