Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot fun in the summertime.

Ah, this summer evening is alive and well. It's really pretty bloody hot in my place, but I've shut the fan off in favor of the wind and trees making music just outside the window. There's an unbridled energy there that shall not be quelled. The cherry on the top of this swirling gray night would be some rain and some lightning and some thunder ... all three at the same time might just have the collective power to put me over the happy edge. I think I'd stay up all night listening and watching and doing that dreaming while I'm awake thing. Adversely, I might go out and run in it, no matter what time it chooses to start and stop between and now and rush hour traffic tomorrow. Maybe I'd bike in it, even, because, you know, I am with bike these days. That brown cruiser, the one parked so prominently in my front room, it's introduced me to a while new world of urban adventure. A dog is barking now and passing cars are taking place of that lovely wind music, but it will start again. It just did. It's whispering secrets.

I wish I could capture some of this magnificent night in a jar and save it for later or share it with those who weren't looking or listening. Instead, I'll share two photos of a niece of mine. Not long ago, a good chunk of her summer night was calling on her uncle to lift her onto the tramp and then off again, over and over. I was happy to oblige. She knew exactly what summer happiness was then. You can see in on her face. You can see it in her mid-somersault.

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