Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My lone dance move is The Running Man.

I huffed and puffed and blew my way through three whole miles this morning. It was a perfectly overcast morning, one of those runners probably fantasize about (and, since I don’t claim to be a runner per se, I can’t say for certain this is true). Tomorrow the run will be reduced to just two miles. Friday’s a day off. Saturday? 13.1 at 6 in the morning.

It’s funny how one can train for months on end for a little half marathon and feel just as unprepared near the end of training as he did when he started, but that’s about where I’m at. Still, I’ve said before that I enjoy running for the training process and it’s flat-out true—building resistance to hills, being able to run a little longer and better than I did just days before, stuff of that ilk. Once the race actually hits, it’s over within a couple of hours and, well, you’re back to Square One. Whether you do a race after that or not, your training has to begin all over again. I like that part.

One thing I don’t enjoy about races (and this’ll make my third half) is that each comes with a time attached to it. These times become more or less seared on my memory. I know I did decently for my first. I know my trick left knee had a hand in killing my time the second time around. I have this nagging habit of comparing my past time to my present, whether I like it or not. So, while I claim not to be competitive, I end up being so … just with myself. I’d like to improve on what I did before, sure. Can I do the whole thing in under two hours then? Ah, we shall see.

I’m also looking forward to trading my spinach-kale-parsley-mint-pineapple blender concoctions for pizza, at least for a day. Bring on the double mushrooms and cheese.

For a peek at last year’s race results, clickety-click here. Chris, Linda and I (and a barrage of other folks) are doing the same race, all over again.


Sara said...

When you talk about your marathons, I think about how well prepared you would be for The Long Walk. You could win everything you ever wanted for the rest of your life!

tim & brandi said...

My brother is also doing this race and I thought about it for a minute, but I am only up to 6 miles so I decided it's not an option yet. I'm looking for something 1/2 marathon or less to do in the next few months - let me know if you know of something good.

Good luck on breaking your time this weekend!


Dainon. said...

You're aware of the half that takes place on the Strip in December, yes? Or is that too far out for you?

tim & brandi said...

Yeah, may be too far out at that point, but we'll have to see. I'm really looking for something in like September/October.