Friday, July 18, 2008

A nugget for the chewing on.

Ah, my bed beckons and my eyes are beyond dry. It's been a good, full day and there is every reason under the sun for me to be as exhausted as I am. And, yet, I need to share this bit of runner's wisdom before I sleep. I was lucky enough to have a friend share it with me over the course of some back-and-forth communication this morning ... and it resonates. It goes beyond running. It applies to so much if we'll allow it to ... and it came my way after my telling her I wasn't much of a runner and that I refused to call myself one on account of how winded I get along the path. She disagreed with me.

She said: "I read this book called
No Need For Speed ... and one point that really struck me to the core was that the writer, a runner who started late in his life, said ... running is not about discipline, it's about dedication. If you are disciplined and rigid, and you don't meet your expectations, you feel bad and start a vicious cycle of frustration. If you are dedicated, you go out, do the best job you can that day and know you tackled it."

Isn't that great? I love the truth-seekers. I love that we can find meaning in the seemingly mundane. I love that I can find truth in this statement and know that it applies to much, much more than running 13+ miles. It applies to life's race. It always will.


Sherpa said...

I really like that point. Thanks for sharing.

Mel&Todd said...

Great analogy for life indeed. Set goal, believe, conquer, repeat. I bet you did great this morning. I thought of you and hoped my brother would not have heat stroke on a day like this!

Dainon. said...

Not too much heat in my neck 'o the woods that morning. It was a beautiful one and the sun didn't have much to do with how things ended either.

f*bomb. said...

For the first time ever, I actually stopped running before my allotted time on the treadmill was done. I hated the veiw so much, I wussed out at a mile and a half. This new gym really blows