Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The tooth and nothing but.

When I was getting a deep cleaning at the dentist's office this morning (one of two planned torture sessions), I wanted to casually remark that, "No, that isn't a steady stream of tears coming out of my right eye, it's just that, well, my eyes are still sorta sunburnt and, well, you HAVE had me staring straight into these halogens for over an hour now," only I never got around to it. That and the fact I had a big piece of plastic I had to bite down while she tore up my gums with a hooked water pic kept us from having any kind of worthwhile discussion.

I paid her handsomely for hurting me as consistently as she did, but I never got around to asking her why she'd wanted to know if I was a smoker, either. I guess I'll have to bring that up next time, immediately before she starts filling my mouth with foreign objects.


aisy said...

uh, why such an overhaul cleaning?

Dainon. said...

I sorta forgot about going to the dentist for about a year. They weren't too happy with me doing that.