Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You may run on for a long time.

Okay, just one more about running. For now.

So the race down in Bryce Canyon this past weekend went well. It went better than last year, even though I didn't quite nail my goal of doing it in under two hours time. I did manage to get close, though. I did it in 2 hours and 5 minutes, an average time of nine-and-a-half minute miles. I was able to shave a whole minute per mile off last year's time. That makes me pretty happy, even now. The scary part was that, at the end of the race, I felt like I could have kept on going. Sure, I hobbled around like an old man for the next few days, but my feet didn't hurt at all and my knees were in tip top condition. Let's just say I'm not ruling out a marathon in my future ... just don't hold me to it or anything. I promise nothing!

Chris, on the other hand, hit his goal of doing it in under 100 minutes (for a 7.5-minute mile average). He did it in 99. Just by the skin of his teeth, yes. He is, after all, a giant of a man. We had a few other friends come along, too, but nobody much cared about what they got. Guess we were the only competitive ones in the lot. So be it.

I'm not sure why it seemed right to celebrate the run by eating a lot of greasy food the next few days, but it did. I ate my small town diner food and I liked it. Loved it. All in all, our mission was accomplished. Maybe I'll have to go ahead and make an annual tradition out of this, even if I have to do it as a solo venture. Maybe a few times a year, even. I do like this whole running business after all. I can't quite explain it. Mock if you must, disbelievers and nonrunners, but these races? When they're all over with and during and even all that time leading up to it? It all adds up to one pretty big load of fun.


The Vastbinders said...

I am with you on that. I do find I want be involved with more races too. The 1/2 marathon traininss schedule I am using actually tells me to run a 5k and 10k as part of the training.

I can say one thing-- Races are invigorating to the soul-- At the end of the day you can say "job well done" and then scarf a big greasy cheeseburger down. :)

Lincoln said...

There is nothing better than chowing down on greasy/bad food after a long workout of any sort. I usually go for a post-hike food fest.

Yeehaw said...

Good job, Dainon. Linda hasn't reported her success... did she kick your trash again? :-)
(I'm her sister, if you didn't know)

Dainon. said...

She kept making friends with toilets on the way down, so I had to beat her by, oh, 20 minutes or more. She stopped and 4.5 miles, I kept going and, well, I never saw her again until she crossed the finish line.

Yeehaw said...

:-) Poor girl! I guess that qualifies you for kicking HER trash... does she know you spiked her pre-run meal with x-lax? That's an old, but still funny trick!

k8 said...

you should come do a race out east sometime. maybe i'll even join you if you are super lucky.