Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The adventure begins.

It's just hours away now. I am up too late and packing too haphazardly. I've an uncle who asked me if I was interested in taking surfing lessons once I get there. I fully expect to take my little brother kayaking through the alligator waters again, just to allow him to face his fears some more (it's good for the soul). The beach and jungles beckon. New sights I've yet to place in front of these eyes await. There will be stories to tell and pictures to paint and Spanish to experiment with. For now, though ... just color this boy excited.


Sara said...

I will miss you SO MUCH.

Surly Temple said...

Have an absolutely magnificent, and utterly inspiring time. Also, if you MUST somehow cack it, try to get eaten by an alligator. That's just wicked cool.