Monday, August 18, 2008

Climb every mountain.

Welcome to the jungle. I think we spent more time trying to avoid falling off this slippery mountain than we did take photos of the journey, but the few we did grab were pretty spectacular. Thanks to Todd and Mel for these. The first shows my sis and I at the top, taking a breather on a little booth of some sort (used it later to hide from a rainstorm) and the second, well, I'm either a) afraid to take another step, lest I fall down in an undignified manner, picking up bumps and ticks and more cuts in the process, b) thinking about jumping aboard one of the low flying clouds or c) contemplating my existence and posing for a scenic photo-op, all at once. No wrong answers here. You decide which suits you best.


Mel&Todd said...

Can I just add a neglected nugget for those who might read this? Let me just paint this picture: We were atop this "booth" when we watched clouds, almost within reach, roll rather quickly our way, accompanied with, no exaggeration, a drizzle. All I had to say was "Oh, we better take cover!" and Dainon, at Olympic pace, ran straight for this 5'10" booth. His judgement was off, however, because the next thing I saw was him flat on the ground, holding his head. After deciding he wasn't bleeding in any way, I have to say this was the funniest part of my hike. Thanks for the laugh, brother.

Dainon. said...

Thanks for that, sis. I'd pretty much forgotten about that lil mishap. I aim to bring you joy.