Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girl, I want to make you sweat.

There is no reason in this wide world for this song to be in my head right now. If I could explain it away, the chances are rather good that I'd blather on about it and attempt to stumble across an explanation. Nevertheless, it's just shy of 6AM and I wanna boogie to this.*

*The reason just came to me. These guys also sing "Bad Boys" (aka the COPS theme song), which came on during dinner last night. What a groove. Cause who doesn't love THAT song, especially as the backdrop to some banana shakes and fried yucca? It was a good night to be with my family. They told stories that had me laughing harder than I have in quite a long time. Unintentional funnies are simply the best kind there are.


nnardotto said...

yes, you are having fun(:

jess said...

nothing like some good old jams in central america to make the soul a little happy. i sang along to "let's hear for the boys" in the bus in belize and was so happy as my travel mates were totally embarrassed. i hope you're singing along out loud.