Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can't stop listening to this song.

I have no idea what it is in me that wants to share the things I can't quite shake, but this is one of those songs that won't leave my head after I play it. I play it again and again and again. I stop, listen to another half-song, then go back to this one. It's been like this all week. And, so I present it to you, simply because I've been infected. Here's "Oh No" by KaiserCartel. May you love it long time.


Jillian said...

"May you love it long time," while it is not an exact song lyric, is close enough that 2 Live Crew is now echoing endlessly in my head. For that, I thank you deeply.

The McGuffin said...

I can see why you've become infected, the harmonies are priceless. Even more, it's great because she turned the old 12 bar blues phrasing into something hooky and catchy. Not an easy thing to pull off. My only beef is the minor chords at the end, kinda kills the mood. But I hear ya bro, it's a pretty sweet mid-tempo tune. And they keep it simple, which always works.