Friday, August 01, 2008

It's no shame about Ray.

So, I sort of feel it's my duty to let all who read this space know that Ray LaMontagne is coming back to town. It's not until the fall (Oct. 28), but the pre-sale started a couple hours ago ... and, if you want in on what may be one of the better musical experiences of your life, grab your tickets while you can. Lucky for me, I got a late birthday gift in the form of a ticket, so I'll be headed to see him (this'll make my fourth time, but who's counting?). He'll be in Boulder the day before, so a road trip may be in order. Two Ray shows in as many days? Yes, please.

Cool things I've noticed are that he's sticking to old, intimate theaters this time around, which makes complete sense if you're familiar with that raspy whisper of a voice he lays claim to. The new album doesn't drop until the end of September, but if you'd like to hear a new song off of it, clickety-click HERE.


Laurie said...

I just fainted because I love him so much... and we won't even be here to see it.

(For the record, "Jolene" is my favorite song of his.)

f*bomb. said...

I miss the Lemonheads.