Monday, August 11, 2008

Too much monkey business.

Today's high point = paying all of a buck to wander around a zoo (mi madre coined it a "ghetto" zoo but, hey, you get what you pay for) and ending up getting good and rained on while we all took turns fishing big turtles out of a mossy pond. Totally not an official exhibit in the zoo, either, but luring them towards us with a steady string of bread crumbs, pulling them out for a hello and watching them scramble around like mad, well, that's something else. If those who ran zoos really wanted to get people to visit them more often, they ought to make them more interactive. I've never seen faster turtles than I did today. Slow and steady, nothing. They move like their butts were on fire.

Tomorrow's agenda will loosely go as follows ...

1. Attempt to get ourselves on an early boat tour of Monkey Island. Why's it called that? Give you one guess.

2. Get ourselves to the beach, post-haste! Attempt surfing, fail repeatedly, grab a boogie board instead.

3. Go to the flea market before they close shop and buy as many coconut seed rings and shelled wonders as my vacation stash of bills will allow me. Try to snag some free shots of the Kuna Indians selling their wares before they start charging me for stealing bits of their soul away.

4. More octopus ceviche, please ... or, you know, the fish kind's fine, too. I'm not terribly picky. So, so good.

5. Oh, and in my dream of dreams, my brother DJ and I will find a way to get on the Party Bus. That's what they call it. We've seen it driving all around town and we just want on it for a spell. There's a DJ in the back and the rest of the vehicle has people in the place of seats, dancing the Merengue or whatever while lasers dart all around. It's a party on wheels, just like it says. Talk about your all-time cultural experience. I just wonder if they've got bouncers at the door ...

And, oh, in other news, the aforementioned brother talks up a real storm in his sleep. He snores, too, but that's just not as interesting. He sounds like an Asian tobacco auctioneer who's just returned from the dentist. Sounds come out in rapid fire, but I need a translator to decipher what it is his subconscious is trying to spit out.


jess said...

great pic!

Dainon. said...

Alas, it's not one of mine ... but it IS good, isn't it?

SJ said...

The newly crowned turtle man?