Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two songs for your Sunday.

Good heavens ... I've always liked this song, but this version from a performance in the BBC is powerful enough to knock me over. Lucky, lucky Londoners. (Oh, and "Hold You in My Arms" follows ... and it's typically pretty good as well.)

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Thanks, Ray.


Naomi Alice said...

oh gosh yes I love it!!
Thank you, i start my day in the best of moods(:

SJ said...

I am getting your style is a bit more slow rock/bluesy-indie...but I am curious what do you rock out to?

Dainon. said...

My style runs the gamut. My show used to be loud, hard rock or dance-rock tunes. Now it has evolved to electro and hip hop and the occasional slice of indie and/or americana set. There's too much out there to grab a style and stick to, I think. You did make me think, tho ... I want to put up a song I rock out to, but it may be old. Watch for it.