Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wilco. Now.

This is weird to say, I suppose, but my being able to see Wilco on Monday? That was a pretty good night to be alive. Only that’s not the weird part. The weird part is, well, they weren’t exactly the main highlight of the evening, just more like the best summer soundtrack ever. I don’t know if I can explain myself in the right kind of way, either, but here’s some of where my head was a couple days ago.

The wind was great. The weather, now that it’s cooled off a few degrees, was hands down perfect. Fleet Foxes opening = a fat slice of blended vocal amazingness and they deserve every bit of critical acclaim they’ve gathered thus far. I was on a blanket on the grass next to some very, very good friends and a brother and it was the equivalent of being hugged for hours. Felt nice. We had great seats, too, thanks to Emily showing up way before they’d let us inside to stand in line. There was smashed fruit and homemade chicken sandwiches and water. There was laughter and singing along and unrestrained dancing. Everything blended together for a lot of laidback magic. Smiles came real easy.

As for the band, the boys did what they came to do, as I expected they would. They performed just as good as they ever have, Jeff Tweedy was plenty funny, they gave us the songs the fans claim as hits (“California Stars,” “Heavy Metal Drummer”) and a dose of what still feel like the lesser knowns (“Airline to Heaven,” anyone?). If I could have done so, I would have made like Letterman and given each one of them a handshake of approval after their two-and-something hours of goodness. Instead, I cheered myself right into raw throat territory. I have a feeling they’d have both expected and appreciated that.

Do I claim jealousy for the friend of a friend who threw a BBQ for the band that only partially took place? Oh, yes. Would I have had anything worthwhile to say had I, by some twist of fate, landed at that backyard, next to Tweedy, chomping on a drumstick and potato salad? Not in a-million years. Still.

For some Wilco and Fleet Foxes filmed by Yours Truly that night, click HERE and HERE.


jess said...

sounds magical, sad i missed it, found out too late and am currently a jelly slave to my gpa in vegas. how i love the wilco. jealous.

Scout said...

the line-"this is an open invitation to make sound with your face" coupled with Jesus, Etc...brilliant.

tanyamae said...


i feel pretty lucky that i got to go!

sam said...

Wilco was awesome. I was so happy to see them live.