Tuesday, September 16, 2008

50,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong.

When this lil blog hit 30,000 visits a while back, I was amazed. I sorta made a big stink about it. And now? It's just 17 hits away from climbing to 50,000. It's about the nerdiest thing I think I keep track of, but I can't help it. To help mark this semi-momentous occasion, I thought I'd share this little nugget from the Elvis Extravaganza at the Utah State Fair over the weekend. Elvis is who this spot on the web got named after, after all, so it feels right. And why watch just one ridiculous impersonator stumble through a song he barely knows, when there are three others to not know most of the words right along with him? It's a train wreck, sure, but it's a wholly unrehearsed train wreck, which makes it that much better.


jess said...

painful and funny at the same time.

Mel said...

You would have been so much better than they were, like I said before. . . you wimp out or what?