Monday, September 15, 2008

Beard talk.

In the elevator at work, headed to lunch. Young, smiling guy in a tie walks in. He turns to the only other person in the elevator.

Young guy: "I don't really know you all that well and I know this might come across as a touch awkward, but ... that's an awesome beard. Really."
Bearded guy: "Thanks."

enter slightly older, clean-shaven guy

Older guy (turning towards the younger one): "What? What are we talking about here?"
Bearded guy: "Oh, just a little beard talk between friends."
Young guy: "Not that you'd know anything about any of that."
Older guy: "Hey, I've had a pretty good goatee before. Maybe I'll start growing it again even."

Doors open ... aaand scene. It should be noted that, while conversation in the elevator is generally a big no-no (and awkward almost 99% of the time), this proved to be an exception to the rule.


bjean said...

I told you it was a good beard.

Sherpa said...


jess said...

what attention you're getting with that :)

Dainon. said...

Ha. It's amazing what refusing to shave will allow to happen. A whole new world, really. You should try it!

sam said...