Thursday, September 11, 2008

State fairs and gators and Elvis, oh my!

So I went to the State Fair the other night and it was all that I expected of it from years gone by. And, by that, I mean I loved it. There were old couples square dancing in the outside air, a particularly intricate cow (and friends) sculpture crafted from 700 lbs. of butter, one big, sad eyeless gator we had to pay an extra dollar to see, bunnies with lion manes and pork chops on a stick! I didn't have a pork chop. I didn't have a deep fried PB & J or fried ravioli on a stick or a Pronto Pup. I even passed up the funnel cake on account of its simply being a big greasy pile of curly goo that made my stomach hurt a little just to look at it. That aside, I want to go back tomorrow at 7:30. Why? That's easy. There will be an Elvis Extravaganza.

I've done a touch of research on this, only to discover it's a bit like American Idol for impersonators. Since I am not one per se (dressing up and doing the occasional singing telegram only gets one so far), I'm not sure I want to shave my beard off and put my duds on to participate with those who try much harder than I do on my best days. I do like to dwell within that realm of possibility, though, so maybe. I was sorta hoping it was some big song-and-dance affair with many Elvi doing their thing together. Then dressing up would have been a no-brainer. I would have folded myself in with the rest of them and nobody would have been the wiser. That would have made for the better story, I think.

Still. Whenever and where-ever there are many men dressed up like Elvis in a single place (and even better that said place is the fair), it's an opportunity for excitement, wonder and awe. You can experience all of it for just $6 (two bucks off if you buy your tix at Smith's). Cheaper than the movies! Everybody within the sight of my words ought to attend. I'm being serious. This is my serious face.

On that note, I'm sharing what has given me the best laugh today. Well, more like many, many laughs. I've watched this three times already. It tends to tickle me on the inside. Maybe it'll do the same for you? This is Japanese television at its best, truly.


jess said...

i can't wait for the upcoming pics!

jess said...

umm i love that video because one. it's impressive two. i love that song with all my heart and it reminds me of my youth and three. i feel inspired to dress up like cyndi lauper for halloween now. thank you.

frog said...

The State fair rules! I love seeing all the animals and the people watching........ such good stuff. Also, that video is crazy. I was trying to laugh while my mouth was gaped open. Kind of shock and funny all in one.

Mel said...

C'mon, gather your guts and be Elvis again! You'd probably blow them all away! My opinion, for what it's worth, do it. And the video, thanks for the laugh. The funniest part is I think they really seriously thought they sounded good. Cyndi, my favorite. Michael, terrible but halarious.